October 25, 2016

This year is Gucci's year

Five years ago I used to think Gucci is the least appealing brand when it comes to 'It' brands. That was then. And today.. with Alessandro Michele's magic touch. Voila. Everyone wants to get Gucci. Everyone wants to wear Gucci. Everyone wants to carry and get photographed in Gucci. I absolutely think maybe I should get a Dionysus & a pair of 'Marmonts' for Christmas.

 photo landscape-1454508159-gettyimages-489654606_zpsohk8dbns.jpg

 photo 01-kevin-tachman-photo-diary-gucci_zpsf3egrjoh.jpg

 photo Gucci-SPRING-2016-14_zpsjnbpp3ga.jpg

 photo 12479063_267967293541267_1984539930_n_zpsb6zjzjh2.jpg

 photo gettyimages-537578652_zpscuhi4v5v.jpg

 photo 11098188_576401885869687_812861017_n_zps79aufiev.jpg

 photo street-style-gucci-dionysus-456462_zpsxhgjhbhg.jpg

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October 10, 2016

My Invisalign progress: Week 14

I just want to share a quick update to you guys about my Invisalign progress. I visited my dentist last week and got these photos taken. It's amazing to achieve this much after only 4 months of Invisalign treatment.  photo blogpost1-1_zpsvuixkdin.jpg
I believe when you can be disciplined to wear your aligners for 22 over hours daily, you will hopefully achieve this much changes for a short period of time. I change the tray every 1 week, but its best to check out with your doctor.

Hygiene is also an important point I'd like to share, it's suggested not to wear Invisalign aligners while eating. I did wear it for eating a couple times, but I suggest you don't since it felt dirty after. I brush mine in the morning and at night, twice a day, and sometimes pour mouthwash a little on the trays for a better mint smell.

Anyway although my teeth is not perfect yet, I'm so happy with the results and I'm excited to share with you more about it on my next blog post.

September 29, 2016

Malva's bridal shower

 photo 659A9204_zpsvmububxd.jpg

 photo 659A9469_zpszbzwtw4a.jpg

It's been a while since I write about my personal life, which is why I see the need to share with you about my women friends. We had a little party a few days ago, to surprise my makeup-artist friend Malva with a monochrome themed bridal shower. We all had to dress up to look like her, with black thick rimmed glasses, rosario necklace and her praying hands tattoo.

 photo 659A9010_zpstx0khopn.jpg

If you have been following my Instagram for a while, you might already become familiar with these girls. They all are successful, working moms, newlyweds and just sort of businesswoman. I have grown up since I first started this blog in 2010. Back then I was a full time university students, and right now I am surrounded by these wonderful friends of mine. Everyone has different jobs, but we always support each other in any way.

From left to right: ice-cream queen / Bebini Gelati founder Tiffany, the most amazing florist Evelyn, Malva the make up artist, Deasy the self taught photographer who owns VDS Studio and Cinfung who is a successful party conceptor and decorator.

 photo 659A9237_zpsnnrbsmju.jpg

 photo 659A9324_zpsqbvifbh2.jpg

Anyway we had a great laugh and moments like this are rare due to our busy schedules. What I want to tell you is to find the right people who you can grow with mentally. When you make friends with creative people, you can always be inspired and be inspiring to them. Always remember, always surround yourself with artistic people, anyone who has a passion in something.

More photos from the bridal shower *scroll down*.

 photo 659A9043_zpsxp0h9jw0.jpg

 photo 659A9012_zpsfkoxrtaw.jpg

 photo 659A9005_zpsw10ualj6.jpg

 photo 659A9068_zpsx9jvcjsi.jpg

 photo 659A9132_zps96j22laz.jpg

 photo 659A9477_zpsesih8kf4.jpg

 photo 659A9213_zpsptbejv20.jpg

Photo by Moire Photography
Decoration by Precious Moment Decoration
Flowers by Eve Sutiono @evesutiono on Instagram
Venue at Bebini Gelati Cafe - Surabaya

September 07, 2016

Bella Hadid: My woman crush

Bella as we know, is the younger sister of Gigi, who dates The Weeknd. I love how she is so different from Gigi in terms of personal style. I also loved the fact that she dyed her hair brunette because she has a darker personality, seeing her videos and interviews makes me become more and more intrigued about her take on life. Anyway, saw her today on the news at the GQ awards and she looks so mature and oh-so-perfect. And then she's only 19, yet so full of charm. I can totally imagine her looking like a young Angelina Jolie in the next few decades. The 19-year-old model stunned on the red carpet at GQ's Men of the Year Awards in London on Tuesday night, showing off skin in all the right places in custom off-the-shoulder Hugo Boss dress, completing her look with a delicate diamond choker, a flashy ring, and strappy sandals.

 photo GettyImages-599725262_zps8bfdjiwe.jpg

 photo GettyImages-599724844_zpsf0qv5szf.jpg

More looks that I love.. scroll down.

 photo hbz-bella-hadid-lbd_zpscs39xlq9.jpg

 photo bella-hadid-braids_zpsqxxgyuci.jpg

 photo Bella_zpszhmpitqk.jpg

 photo bella-hadid-style-budget-affordable-198466-1469208320-promo.300x0c_zpshh6wzdnf.jpg

 photo 8920991_bella-hadid-models-street-style-in-cover_t8b7165ac_zps7xgrc8ee.jpg

 photo 324801403563094af5020a9c908bfcd2_zps9vyy505g.jpg

 photo bella-hadid-summer-street-style-los-angeles-ca-08-03-2018-7_zpsoyjmwy9g.jpg

 Images from various sources.

July 30, 2016

Holiday with Invisalign

I just came back from my holiday in Thailand! This is my first time going away for a week since starting my Invisalign treatment. It is amazing that Invisalign aligners allow me to smile as if I don't have any braces on in every photograph. As I change trays every week, I have my change due in between the trip, but it wasn't uncomfortable at all. I absolutely love how easy it is to wear my Invisalign aligners anytime and anywhere.

 photo DSCF5662resize_zpsjiluim5d.jpg

I'm on my 10th tray when I'm typing this. Dr Immilia have examined my 2-month progress last week and she handed me over the next 4 trays. The purpose is to take a closer look at my progress, as I have to come back for a visit in 1 month. My main concern is my smile, how I want to achieve the perfect straight teeth from every angle. Currently I am already satisfied with my smile when it is photograph frontal, but not from the side. We are trying to correct it.

 photo DSCF5689resize_zpsdzxod3wy.jpg

At this point, I have seen a slight progress, and I am so happy with it. I can see that my main concern (lower teeth) is getting better. I have to be disciplined enough wear my Invisalign aligners up to 22 hours a day, even though when I'm on holiday I keep having snack every now and then. To me, another good thing is that sometimes I don't feel like snacking because I want to keep wearing Invisalign aligners (and... of course it helps me stay slim). Just kidding.

 photo DSCF5675resize_zpsdedxra6a.jpg

 photo DSCF5669resize_zpsddeb0vs5.jpg

Will post more photos soon! If you have any questions about Invisalign treatment feel free to contact me by email silviasiantar2@outlook.com

July 29, 2016

Inspiration: Home decor

 photo interior-glamorous-elle-home-interior-decor-ideas-fabulous-elle-home-decor_zps97wdgqta.jpg

I've been looking at home decor inspirations lately. I wanted to have this one beautiful blue corner inside my dream house. I thought these can be useful if you guys were looking for some inspiration for your own. My favorite is blue-and-white palette which brings comfort and style that's cool, calm, and collected.

 photo the-studio-okl_zpsspizkxad.jpg

 photo A-deep-blue-Ellsworth-Kelly-work-is-the-focal-point-in-a-monochromatic-living-room_zpsrwu5ugni.jpg

 photo BLOG_OneKingsLane_slide2_zpsirurzu2h.jpg

 photo 1442341204-edc100115randal01_zpsnw2a3n9h.jpg

 photo Martyn-lawrence-bullard-ELLE-DECOR_zpsocdrtcjh.jpg  photo elle-decor-blue-living-room-edit_zpsx2jfopv4.jpg

 photo edc100115randal06_zpsu2i8zuwa.jpg

Images from various sources.

June 17, 2016

Getting used to the first set of Invisalign aligners

 photo DSCF5564_zpsmg4ryzty.jpg

Here comes the actual aligners! I went to the dentist the other day and she showed me my 32 out of 32 trays and I was a little surprised to see that much of aligners that I'm supposed to wear. I've always known that we're supposed to wear each tray for two weeks, so basically 32 trays means 32x2 = 64 weeks! Which was a little more than a year.

 photo DSCF5534_zpsxig4oli9.jpg

 photo DSCF5538_zpsnria5hbr.jpg

However, based on my dentist, Dr Immilia’s recommendation, she arranged 1 tray for 1 week, so that means I will only need 32 weeks to fix my bottom teeth. She showed me how much difference I can achieve in 8 months. She marked each tray with different dates so I can see the exact schedule when I'm supposed to change trays every other week.

The key is to wear each tray for about 22-24 hours each day to achieve the best results. My idea of using the first tray is that I will be in such a great pain, that I have to prepare for it. I clear my day and I prepared painkillers. However, it's only surprisingly a very very mild pain. Way less than the pain of wearing the metal braces. That night I slept with my first aligners, and when I woke up in the morning I can feel that my teeth is a little sore. That is how I know that the actual aligners work.

 photo DSCF5574_zpsjxhesv9y.jpg

The next day I was pain-free. And then the week have past, and I changed to my second tray. My second tray was less painful than the first tray. I can see that wearing this doesn't affect my daily schedule at all and I'm so happy with the way it works.

 photo DSCF5536_zps758vdscn.jpg

For those of you who have started the Invisalign programme, do share with me your experience. Feel free to connect with me via email silviasiantar2@outlook.com
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