April 19, 2016

Absolute wedding fantasy: Elie Saab Bridal

 photo ELIE-SAAB-BRIDAL-5_zps1vzib59m.jpg

"The ideal wedding dress is one that reflects the character of the bride wearing it,” says Saab of his inspiration for the launch. “There is nothing more beautiful and seductive than a confident bride with a relaxed attitude.” Symbolic of this, you'll see the word ‘oui,’ sometimes in the form of a tattoo, as you scroll down through the collection's accompanying campaign.

 photo ELIE-SAAB-BRIDAL-22_zpsxpeh2qiu.jpg

I love how there are so many diverse styles available for every bride out there. These are so great for actual wedding receptions or engagements or pre-wedding photos. I bet we're going to see a lot of these on Indonesian 'royalty' brides next Summer. A limited selection of styles can be found now in Elie Saab boutiques in Paris, Beirut, Dubai, Hong Kong, and London. The full collection with a total of 25, comprised of full length ballgown, mermaid dresses, fitted, midi dress, veils and the most striking jumpsuit will be available in October 2016.

 photo ELIE-SAAB-BRIDAL-21_zps9m63zblg.jpg

 photo ELIE-SAAB-BRIDAL-20_zpsxkrxja3b.jpg

 photo ELIE-SAAB-BRIDAL-19_zps7hjuzcpg.jpg

 photo ELIE-SAAB-BRIDAL-1_zps0usdjotn.jpg

 photo ELIE-SAAB-BRIDAL-3_zpsmw8l2j0t.jpg

 photo ELIE-SAAB-BRIDAL-4_zpsk4c16vhj.jpg

Images courtesy of Elie Saab.

April 16, 2016

First look at my Invisalign journey

 photo DSCF5346_zpsod3boeqm.jpg

I'm now 23 years old and I have had braces in my teenage years during high school, just like many others did. But, I didn't really take a good care after I took off my braces. Everyone is supposed to wear retainers at night even after their tooth is perfectly aligned for the rest of their lives. However, I didn't because I couldn't care less.

It was only after a year, my wisdom tooth started to grow against the tooth next to it. So it pushed the other tooth away and made my bottom teeth alignment is starting to become slightly messy. I began to find my old retainers but it couldn't fit anymore. So I thought I was going to get my teeth done after I removed my wisdom tooth when I'm ready.

I feel that I didn't have the perfect smile and I searched for a solution. It's either doing veneers or Invisalign treatment. I settled with Invisalign treatment because it's a more interesting way to 'design' my smile. With Invisalign, I can ask the doctor to adjust my bottom and upper teeth by a couple millimetres to achieve my desired smile.

This is perfect for me considering porcelain veneers don't last forever, and the fact that having it means I had to get a portion of my tooth structure removed, which is a much greater risk if it's not done perfectly.

Long story short, I made my first visit to Gigi Sehat Dental which is one of the Invisalign provider in Surabaya. My first impression when Dr Immilya introduced Invisalign and showed many end results was that this treatment is very promising. It suits my very active lifestyle and it's not visible at all! Which means it won't alter my current smile and I wouldn't be afraid of getting photographed with metal braces.

 photo DSCF5366resize_zpscylgnrs5.jpg

 photo DSCF5365resize_zps3yuljmli.jpg

 photo DSCF5324_zpseml7fqfs.jpg

I had my teeth mould and they are ready to be sent to Align Technology in the USA, the makers of Invisalign. My Invisalign clear aligners will be ready in 2 months and I will share more about it soon.
 photo DSCF5359_zpsj1luxciw.jpg

 photo DSCF53680resize_zps5gh861rq.jpg

If you have any questions regarding anything about Invisalign feel free to drop me an email!

April 10, 2016

SK-II: You don't have to be married by 25 featuring China Leftover women

How many women do you know that are above the age of 25 and not married? We might not think twice about it, but these women are labelled “Sheng Nu” in many parts of China. The literal translation of the term is “leftover woman”, denouncing women who are not yet married at this age, and associating them with being undesirable and desperate. In Singapore, we see that the marrying age is slightly above Indonesia. I have experienced living in both countries.

The fact that I have both families living in Singapore and Indonesia makes the new SK-II campaign represent my culture. In the third generation of my family, the girls married by 28, which is not as bad as what happens in China. But still, this campaign is really impactful to me and I guess.. some Independent women from other Asian culture out there. Watch it below.

As part of SK-II’s ongoing global #changedestiny campaign, SK-II captured the leftover women speaking up against this negative societal stigma and the pressure that comes with it. The video has gained immense traction, making the “leftover woman” an inspiration to all and a reminder to society of the power of a woman’s right to choose her path and take control of her own destiny.

Video courtesy of SK-II.

March 25, 2016

Valentino: Rockstud Untitled

 photo ROCKSTUD UNTITLED Collection 6_zpsqpmyotaw.jpg

Whilst other brands are focusing on product personalization with initial crafted on leather goods to shawls and trench coats, Valentino introduced a unisex collection which is pretty cool. I've always loved the idea of a masculine-feminine look.

 photo ROCKSTUD UNTITLED Collection 4_zpsfnln6noz.jpg

 photo ROCKSTUD UNTITLED Collection 3_zpskoaymdd2.jpg

Each Untitled piece is identified with a progressive number, starting from 1 ending with 12, labeled on the canvas satchel that holds the garment, as if appearing anonymous. Once worn, on the contrary, it reveals the marks of a customization with a concise, personal and decisive touch: traces of a past experience and of an internal imperfection as signs of contemporary beauty.

Rockstud Untitled is a unisex capsule collection of classics distilled to their essence and reread through the Valentino savoir -faire. It is, however, an austere perspective craftsmanship.

 photo ROCKSTUD UNTITLED Collection 1_zpssedcpspg.jpg

 photo ROCKSTUD UNTITLED Collection 2_zpsoygpcnvj.jpg

 photo ROCKSTUD UNTITLED Collection 5_zpsord54jgl.jpg

For Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli the binding component are the studs. The twelve essentials of a wardrobe, from the white shirt to the blue pea coat, from the beige trench to the jeans, from the grey T-shirt to the camel hair coat, from the crew neck sweater to the white sneakers. A part of each item has been detached and adjusted using golden studs instead of traditional stitching.

Images courtesy of Valentino Garavani.

March 09, 2016

Black on black

 photo DSCF0081_zpsgdvaajxd.jpg

It's been a long time since I did an outfit post, but here's a quick one taken by my photographer friend Stephanie while in Singapore. I wore this black on black look for a meeting at MBS then to another event at Scotts Square.

 photo DSCF0080_zpslkzseu0l.jpg

So basically, I want to discuss about the long top look over flare bottoms that we keep seeing everywhere, especially on Gigi and Kendall. I wasn't quite sure if it would be flattering on petite sized girls (like me). So I had to give it a shot.

The usual look is the long knit cardi or a long coat, over flare jeans, but as we are living in a tropical country, that wouldn't be possible. So what I did was... I opt for an asymmetrical long top, which is little shorter at the front, so I can appear to have more length on my leg (okay this is a weird way to say it). What I'm saying is to try to not be too covered from the top to bottom. Plus you can achieve a taller look if you're wearing a see-through bottom.

 photo DSCF0094_zpsfkvwqver.jpg

Anyway I hope this make sense. I'm not crazy about the long top trend, but I love experimenting!

Photo by Stephanie Sasmita.

March 08, 2016

The biggest question: Diorama vs Diorever

 photo Dior-Spring-2016-Ad-Campaign-Featuring-The-Diorever-Tote-Bag-9_zpsxtqncmku.jpg

I know not everyone loves the new Dior with Raf Simons. But I'm pretty much always on the #TEAMRAF side just because he makes everything so effortlessly modern and versatile yet luxurious at the same time. I've been eyeing the two new Dior IT bag: Diorama and Diorever for almost 3 days now. Ever since Kendall was seen carrying one in Paris.

 photo Dior-Press-SS16-ca_zpsszaflbjt.jpg

Deciding to buy which bag is always difficult for me. I don't know if I should settle on another Givenchy or Proenza or Saint Laurent that cost around $2500, or I should get a Dior or Chanel, which is a couple thousand dollars more. Or just wait until another year and buy a Kelly or Birkin from the mothership.

 photo celeb-style-kendall_zpsdlca3kai.jpg

Anyway, there's not that many celebrities that is seen with Diorever yet, but these are from the Dior lookbook. The shape is basically a structured, top handle bag with a detachable long strap. The shape almost resembles the Saint Laurent Sac Du Jour but with a top flap like Hermès Birkin. I love it so much in metallics, but I also equally love it in black and dark green. And just like Birkin, there are two ways to wear it, with the flap closed or with the flap flipped on the back side of the bag.

 photo Dior-Green-Diorever-Tote-Bag_zpsqonsw6fq.jpg  photo 20_DIOR_zps3g8qages.jpg

Moving on to its sister, Diorama, the IT bag last year seen on Rihanna, Marion Cortillard, Dakota Fanning and so many more! This bag features the same crest-shaped clasp as the Diorever, but in a shoulder sling rectangular shape. To me, this is almost a direct comparison to the Chanel Boy bag. But I love the Diorama cooler vibes. I love the fact that Diorama is introduced in so many variations of colors and leather and textures, so there are so much to choose from.

 photo Dior-Spring-2016-Ad-Campaign-Featuring-The-Diorever-Tote-Bag-4_zpslz2cxkpk.jpg

 photo marion-cotillard-dior-it-bag-campaign_zpsnah4xlwk.jpg

 photo celebrities-may-be-having-a-major-case-of-the-mondays-but-their-bag-game-is-still-solid6_zpscv5ups7q.jpg

 photo 5bcda4843ad6fa6e20ecde25fa5a9eca_zpsmh7qgv6d.jpg

 photo Dakota-Fanning-Christian-Dior-Diorama-Bag_zpsz0iu4kas.jpg

The Dior Diorever Tote Bag comes in three sizes (source: Pursebop):
Dior Diorever Mini Tote Bag
Size: 8.3’ x 6.7’ x 6.7’ inches
Price: $3000 USD

Dior Diorever Medium Tote Bag
Size: 11.8’ x 9.1’ x 6.3’ inches
Price: $3400 USD or around 2800 euro

Dior Diorever Large Tote Bag
Size: 13.4’ x 10.2’ x 6.7’ inches
Price: $3900 USD or around 3000 euro

The Diorama comes in five sizes (source: Bragmybag):
Baby Diorama Bag
Size:13.5 x 8.5 cm
Price: €840 euro

Mini Diorama Bag
Size: 18 x 11.5 x 4 cm
Price: $2800 USD

Small Diorama Bag
Size: 21.5 x 13 x 8 cm
Price: €2800 euro (limited edition patterns), grained leather (lambskin or calfskin); $3100 USD (before tax), metallic; 10000 RM, single colors; £2000 GBP

Medium Diorama Flap Bag
Size: 25 x 15.5 x 8 cm
Price: $3400 USD, single colors; £2150 GBP

Large Diorama Bag
Size: 29 x 18 x 9 cm
Price: $6300 USD, €2800 euro

What do you think?

February 20, 2016

Sephora Indonesia is officially online! #SephoraID

After much long-awaited anticipation, Sephora online has arrived in Indonesia. Gone are the days when I have to call up a friend who's traveling overseas to get me my makeup supplies in Sephora abroad, and this shopping site is starting to become very tempting for all the girls in the country! They are now offering free shipping for a minimum purchase of Rp 200.000, and based on my experience, they ship.. very, very quickly. Alright now let's begin my review about shopping from the site!

 photo 1-sephora_zps73kevrkr.jpg

Sephora Indonesia (www.sephora.co.id) lets you explore their full array of product offerings with highlighted products on their landing page. To browse easily, they put their stuff into categories: Makeup, skincare, nails, bath & body, event Men! Besides, they will show you their best seller products, as well as their new arrivals which you can choose to view the moment you open the site. The best thing about shopping online, is of course, to get online exclusives products and online shopping gifts! Right now they're having a promotion of FREE Benefit set when you spend Rp 500.000 on Benefit products. I'm guessing they're going to have different stuffs every month.

 photo 2-sephora_zpsszoon0qw.jpg

Moving on to the next step, is choosing your desired category, and at this time, I was deciding between getting skincare, makeup or getting bath and body products. I probably spend about 30-45 minutes clicking through everything since this is my first encounter with the site and I absolutely love it. The product range you'll find on the website is similar to what you may find in a Sephora retail store.

 photo 3sephora_zpsb2seabcw.jpg

So I landed on the makeup section, which features brands that aren't available in Surabaya yet like Too Faced and Stila (which are always my Sephora favorite). I've been wanting to get a bronzer and a couple of liquid lipstick. Based on my research, Stila liquid lipsticks has been beauty bloggers' favorites and they have received amazing reviews. I initially wanted to get the color Patina but they aren't available yet, so I chose other two colors Dolce and Amore. Both are brown shades which are probably what I wear all the time (ever since I saw them on Kylie Jenner). The lipsticks are Rp 330.000 each, which I guess, is more or less USD24, the same price as the US price.

 photo 4sephora_zpsrgpn85na.jpg

Okay, now it's time to choose the bronzers. I can't settle between Snow Bunny and Bronzed & Poreless both from Too Faced. Both has received tons of fantastic reviews online. After much consideration, I found that Snow Bunny might be better for my skin, because it creates a Luminous effect which I really like. Right now I have 3 products in my shopping cart which cost around Rp 1.000.000.

 photo sephora5_zpsrtviojm8.jpg

When I go to my shopping cart, I can see that I qualify for a free premium sample which I can choose from around thirty products. I also got a FREE shipping promo. Another good thing about Sephora online Indonesia, is that they have many payment options to choose from (bank transfer, paypal, credit cards, etc). After I placed my order, it's time to wait until the products arrive!

 photo sephora6_zpsl7zjbikg.jpg

So my shipment arrived in about 3 days after I placed my order. They arrived covered in bubble wraps, so you don't have to worry when you order liquids. I'll assure you they'll arrive safely. Can't wait to try them on so I can start to write reviews on their site. Thank you, Sephora.co.id. My shopping experience was fun and flawless! I'll definitely shop for more in the near future.
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