March 01, 2015

Photos from Poise24 Valentine's event

 photo edit2-poise24- boutique_zpsljgxjwyt.jpg

After the success of our opening event in November, we opened our doors for a new collection preview. The theme was Valentine's, which means red, romantic, sexy. The new collection also arrived just in time for Chinese New Year. So we have several pieces with mandarin collar and embroidery.

 photo edit7-poise24-silviasiantar_zpsikurod8b.jpg

 photo edit13-poise24_zps3s5ozibh.jpg  photo edit-6-poise24-boutique_zpsfwfguuaj.jpg

 photo edit-1-poise24_zpsim3zhpok.jpg

 photo edit5-poise24-boutique_zpstvagtyiq.jpg

This is my friend, Cynthia, she owns Oriflora, a floral boutique in the west of Surabaya. Check out their site www.oriflora.com (@oriflora on Instagram). She sponsored all the fresh flower arrangements in my boutique during the 2 day preview.

 photo edit11-poise24_zpsem49aesc.jpg

 photo edit-8poise24-silviasiantar_zpsbma2k9fl.jpg

 photo edit12-poise24-store_zpsmqy7rj58.jpg

 photo edit4-poise24-boutique_zpsfp9q2rvv.jpg

 photo edit9-poise24-silvaisiantar_zpsnrgi3yhe.jpg

 photo edit10-silvaisiantar-poise24_zpsxohyrfbb.jpg

If you're not in town and you want to visit our store, make an appointment with my store manager, Gita at +6281235678000 (text or whatsapp is preferred). Anyway check out our latest collection online www.poise24.com.

Photos by Evan Aria.

February 16, 2015

Introducing: Poise24 fine jewellery collection

 photo unnamed_zps360c6eea.jpg

Some of you may be aware that my beau is a jeweller, and I thought we could do some sort of collaboration of jewellery. We just launched our debut fine jewellery collection of bracelets, earrings, rings and necklaces in glimmering 18K rose gold and pavé diamonds in contemporary designs. The collection is sold on my webstore Poise24 (www.poise24.com). You can get our stuff online or in store (by appointment only).

The first collection is called The Papillon, which is the butterfly. My favourite piece is the butterfly earring and ring in rose gold. The ring has 3 sizes (S, M, L with different prices because of the difference in diamond carats for each sizes).

We also have an exclusive collection of snakeskin bracelets, available in 3 colours (dark orange, white and green) all in rose gold with sparkling diamonds. View the complete collection here.

 photo unnamed-1_zps5ec038c0.jpg

 photo unnamed-4_zps76bfb537.jpg

 photo unnamed-3_zpse085c640.jpg

 photo unnamed-2_zps95625deb.jpg

Campaign images shot by Deasy S. of VDS photography. Makeup by Malva Soewarno.

Shop the collection here.

January 02, 2015

Happy new year 2015!

 photo image4_zps4e18541e.jpeg

It's the end of 2014! Did this shoot with Deasy of VDS Photography. I am very thankful of the year 2014 which have been pretty amazing. I just turned 22 last week, I remember I started this blog when I was 17 and it means I've been running it for about 5 years!

 photo image1_zps915e39a3.jpeg  photo image6_zpsdad4b45e.jpeg

We wanted a fun, cheeky theme this year so Deasy edited the photos with funny stickers to create a sexy bunny theme. Anyway, also did a beauty shoot wearing this edgy chain-all-over choker which I don't know where to wear but it's so absolutely cool.

 photo 1419349826880_zps6c6a1ec1.jpg

Finally, a photo with Malva who has been a really great friend of mine, a super talented makeup artist who started about two years ago and turned herself into a fully-booked with long waiting list clients this year. You guys should check out her IG account where she puts up her work and travel photos @malvava.

 photo image5_zpse64edc6c.jpeg

Photographs by VDS Photography, hair and makeup by Malva Soewarno.

December 03, 2014

Poise24 Holiday Collection preview photo diary

 photo IMG_9791_zps7a001351.jpg

After over two years since I first launched my brand online, with all the blessings from God and endless support from my family and friends, Poise24 finally launched its first brick and mortar store. The store is actually on the first level of our office - let's call it our HQ.

On November 15th we invited our friends and customers to join our little Christmas party which was also a store opening event. Guests preview our Holiday collection and as they shop in store what is already available online. There were over 300 people who came and joined us that day.

 photo IMG_9964_zps66786a82.jpg

My cousin Anastasia Siantar (blogger at Brown Platform) was in town, she hosted the event with me and my sister Sharon, who also came from Bandung to celebrate the launch. Here are some photos of me with my friends. Many thanks for coming and sending me flowers and loves.

 photo IMG_9961_zps0c335ccf.jpg

 photo IMG_9913_zpsf8274124.jpg

 photo IMG_9919_zps69e34568.jpg

The store is actually built for a house, it has a backyard that I could use for our dessert table and display space for Olga x Poise24 collaboration with One Sixty Notepad.

 photo IMG_9783_zpsc3454397.jpg

 photo IMG_9859_zps03fd25cb.jpg

 photo IMG_9782_zpsa9f460ca.jpg

 photo IMG_9869_zps7df7cd51.jpg

 photo IMG_9879_zpsab0933e6.jpg

The dessert table was prepared by Precious Moment Decorations with desserts from Sweetville and Mix Bakers (Surabaya based online pastry shops), there were also Macs Eclair that supplied mouth watering eclairs all afternoon. Thirst clencher of the day was Jumble Juice from Nutrilife ID. Thank you so much for all the support once again.

 photo IMG_9852_zps133e1a48.jpg

 photo IMG_9851_zps423a5cd1.jpg

 photo IMG_9861_zpsa04010d5.jpg

 photo IMG_9950_zps64bf10a1.jpg

We introduced the exclusive Olga x Poise24 collaboration pieces which includes t-shirts, crop tees and phone cases, our customers loved it and many of them bought multiple pieces just because they can't decide which illustration to buy cause they were all so adorable.

 photo IMG_9849_zps2550e67d.jpg

 photo IMG_9940_zpsa2d8d3e3.jpg

 photo IMG_9974_zpsc6d8c041.jpg

Our humble photo corner space was designed by Precious Moment Decorations with exclusive gold foil balloons with our logo from Party Click party supplies. Photo corner service was sponsored by Memory Lane, which provides an instant-printing service with high quality photo prints and custom designed photo frames.

 photo IMG_9925_zps36284957.jpg

Finally a group photo with my cousins Livia, Lydia, Anastasia and Cecilia. Followed by other photos of me with guests.

 photo IMG_9839_zps770604da.jpg

 photo IMG_9841_zps5957adda.jpg

 photo IMG_9825_zps53e1d87d.jpg

 photo IMG_9900_zpsfe968d12.jpg

Last but not least. I got my very own flower wall. It could be smaller that Kim Kardashian's but I loved it to death. Thanks Mr AP.

Photographed by Silas Immanuel of Moire Photography

Special thanks to our sponsors:
Precious Moment Decorations (@preciousmomentdecoration on IG)
Party Click (@partyclick on IG)
Les Fleur Flowers (@lesfleursby on IG)
Sweetville (@sweetvilleid on IG)
Macs Eclair (@macseclair on IG)
Mix Bakers (@mixbakers on IG)
Récolte Pattiserie (@recoltepatisserie on IG)
Nutrilife - Jumble Juice (@nutrilifeid on IG)
Memorylane Photo Corner (@memorylane.sby on IG)
Moire Photography (@moirephoto on IG)
Megah Sari Furniture (Tel. 031 5315272)

November 05, 2014

On meeting Monsieur Louboutin

 photo 10797_878668228834733_6562806931595189418_n_zps55c06434.jpg

 photo 1505345_881133408588215_6613675853312507740_n_zps0f9a41ad.jpg

Just last week I had a chance to attend a meet and greet session with Christian Louboutin at his Ngee Ann City boutique in Singapore. The invitation says 6.30 to 8.30pm and I arrived at about 8pm. The store was fully packed, there were mostly elegantly dressed ladies in their mid 30s basically "chasing" Mr Louboutin to have a chat and finally get a photo with him. He has a bodyguard that keeps saying "give him his space" and it seems impossible to get near him. He was friendly, he replies to those ladies, but he didn't do signing this time. Then about 20 minutes later, I could get a quick snap. The image on my phone is blurry.

Thanks to Fashionide.com, I have a clearer shot. To remember. I hope I can meet him again.

September 12, 2014

Alexander Wang Rocco mesh bag

 photo silvia-siantar-singapore2_zps2833852b.jpg

Finally back in Singapore for a couple days. This time I received a surprise present from Club21, an Alexander Wang Rocco bag in mesh. I absolutely love everything from the color and the hardware and the cool mesh material.

 photo silvia-siantar-singapore1_zpsf463590f.jpg

 photo singapore-silvia-siantar1_zps7b0c9064.jpg

 photo singapore-silvia-siantar4_zpsf28c315b.jpg

Although I kept complaining about how heavy the bag was when I bought mine in 2011 (see it here I have the laser cut version in gray), my heart still goes for the shiny rows of studs at the bottom of this one. Even cuter with an MCM bag charm.

Photographed by Maximilian John of Moire Photography.
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