June 21, 2015

Poise24 latest lookbook shot at My-home studio

These were actually published on the website early March 2015, but I haven't had the time to post the complete lookbook here on the blog.

 photo VDS_3725_zpsxa7jltit.jpg

 photo VDS_3749_zpslvtxwc3h.jpg

 photo VDS_3739_zps3qietott.jpg

 photo VDS_3708_zpswdw7iohb.jpg

This series was shot at the new My-home studio (check out their Facebook page for updates and ongoing promotions). The collection features colourful pieces, lots of dresses with an ultra-feminine silhouette.

 photo VDS_3715w_zps9wqc75gt.jpg

 photo VDS_3698_zps1dmdktjs.jpg

 photo VDS_3688_zpshroavjsk.jpg

 photo VDS_3740_zpsfqjvo2j8.jpg

 photo VDS_3728_zpsdlkd5ay6.jpg

Shop the collection online (click here) or email info@poise24.com for inquiries.

Thanks to:
Photographer: Deasy Sudiro of VDS Photography
Hair and makeup: Lilie Budimulia (contact line : lilie_budimulia for bookings)
Location: My-home studio, Surabaya

May 15, 2015

Christian Louboutin at Bridal Fashion Week 2016

 photo louboutin-bridal-1_1_zpsp21kihgc.jpg

Bridal Fashion Week 2016 saw the launch of Christian Louboutin‘s Bridal collection. Partnering with three designers: Marchesa, Naeem Khan and Jenny Packham, he lacquered red soles of Christian Louboutin took to the runways yet again this spring.

At Marchesa Bridal’s Spring 2016 collection presentation, it was petals upon petals. Flowers, blooms and blossoms were expressed wistfully throughout the collection through intricate threadwork, 3-D fabric petals, floral beading and feather flowers.

Several Christian Louboutin styles introduced in the runway include classics old and new like the So Kate, Pigalle Follies and Decollete 312 in white patent and kid leather, as well as the new Christian Louboutin Dalida in white patent, boasting a new Louboutin signature – the wavy mirage heel.

 photo louboutin-bridal-3_zps6jsq1nxx.jpg

Jenny Packham’s 2016 Bridal Collection offered soft silhouettes and delicate colours including ivory, aqua and blush, along with textured twists and unexpected embellishments. Pleats, draping, and beading made the back of gowns as memorable as the front, and classic, high and low-heeled Louboutin styles let the dresses take center stage.

 photo louboutin-bridal-2_zpstvi7kdcw.jpg

Naeem Khan’s bride was a glamorous one. With artistry as the focus, each dress took inspiration from a destination – be it Saint-Tropez or Sorrento. To close the show, the San Francisco bride walked the runway in a memorable ivory satin sequin tuxedo jacket and matching pant, complemented by the glittering, strappy Christian Louboutin Toerless Muse - also seen on the Fall 2016 runway for Khan.

Images courtesy of Christian Louboutin.

May 14, 2015

Introducing: The NET SET

The NET SET is THE NET-A-PORTER GROUP’s first venture in uniting its social media, fashion and shopping communities in one place. It's basically an App that allows women to shop together online. It instantly links the most fashion-savvy consumers, personalities, style leaders, curators, designers and brands in real time, inviting them to share their style, their loves and their inspirations instantly and effortlessly.

The app is fully shoppable and has created a first-of-its-kind social environment, allowing luxury brands to actively manage a real-time social dialogue and relationship with NET-A-PORTER's affluent and engaged global fashion consumer.

The app will be available across iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch and will launch initially with an invite code from May 13, 2015

May 13, 2015

Denim day

 photo SILVIA-DSCF3588_zpskzklwiks.jpg

I've been wearing these pants a lot lately. They're from my clothing brand Poise24. This time I paired them with a denim shirt from Cotton On. It's so affordable and I love that it's so thin, perfect for sunny days in Singapore and Indonesia.

 photo SILVIA-DSCF3608_zpsufsivapt.jpg

 photo SILVIA-DSCF3615_zps5womunvb.jpg

Also wearing Christian Louboutin Arnold from Spring 2013, Anton Heunis earrings and Proenza Schouler PS1 in raisin.

P.S. spot this look on Star World Asia 'Trending Now' section this May (airing 5 times a day, everyday)!

April 14, 2015

CHANEL mini 2015

 photo DSCF3187resize_zpshgejh9kc.jpg

After the Chanel price harmonisation that happened last month, I believe it's time to get one for myself. As a smart shopper, we always face to buy classics and 'what's hot'. I mean, we all want to buy items that we can keep in our wardrobe forever, but sometimes we got to buy something daring and fun and seasonal, because if we don't live in the present and wear what's in trend, then what's the point of fashion?

As a 22 year old, I have been using my own money to shop for designer goods since 4 or 5 years ago. I mostly save up my 'blog' money to buy designer shoes. I have two or three vintage Chanel that have been passed down to me from my grandmother and my mom, and I can really appreciate the Chanel value. However, when it comes to Chanel, it is way more expensive than, let's say the trendy Saint Laurent and Phillip Lim, so there's the gamble. I didn't save up enough to get a Chanel. It was enough only for Balenciaga(s) and Proenza Schouler(s).

My other way of thinking is that, designer fashion means luxury and it means it's not accessible to all. A part of me always want to get somewhat a 'limited' piece that is not massively produced all year long and the next couple of years. A seasonal piece is often more appealing to me than classics. I mean, for example, after owning a classic, although vintage, Chanel black flap with gold chain, I never really want to get a new Chanel flap in black (plus I never care about the hardware color, I'm not the kind that will want a silver chain, when I have the same thing in gold chain). So I have always opt for something else, more like, other trendy look. It's when everyone else already own a Chanel black flap and we've always seen them on the streets (the real deal and the cheap knockoffs altogether). I would feel much more in 'power' when nobody is seen carrying a Céline mini luggage yet, and I already have one in my hand, then I got the jealous stare.

 photo DSCF3196resize_zpsoaimvqnm.jpg

And last week, I gave in. I don't want to spend too much on Chanel because I always lean on Hermès more. Thus, I'll be willing to save up and spend more on Hermès. That's why I think the Chanel mini is the right size for me. It's cute and it's not so small on my petite figure, plus its within my budget. I'm so so so happy because I got this color. This time I wasn't doing research online or anything on the bag, like when I usually decide my next designer shoes. I bought this the very old school in-store shopping way. They offered 5 options and I chose one within 10 minutes and didn't think much. And sometimes it feels as good.

There was a long line at Takashimaya Singapore, I remember it was on a weekday. Almost everyone who walked into the store, came out with something. They really do shop this time.

 photo DSCF3204resize_zpssfsysuzo.jpg

This is the bag on my sister, Sharon. I'm glad I have a sister to share my stuff with.


March 23, 2015

ARMANI/DOLCI Spring Blossom 2015

 photo Armani Dolci Spring 2015 - 16 chocolates box_zpsmid9vye2.jpg
Last February, on Valentine's Day, I received an Armani/Fiori inspired flower bouquet. I'm obsessed with Armani flower range and I just found out about their chocolate shop Armani/Dolci. I never knew that they have a shop at Marina Bay Sands Singapore (click here). Anyway they have launched the new Spring Blossom 2015 Collection. The collection comprises a soft Colomba, a traditional Italian Easter cake made with almonds, candied fruit and sugar sprinkles.
 photo Armani Dolci Spring 2015 - Colomba_zpscxky36zc.jpg
Armani/Dolci has created also little chocolate Easter eggs in a variety of flavours, available in an elegant tin or in a clear box, which comes in a large or small size.
 photo Armani Dolci Spring 2015 - small chocolate eggs_zpsaycy9fw7.jpg
The Spring Blossom Collection is specially packaged in boxes covered with deep blue silky paper, hand-decorated with white cloth orchids, and sealed with a refined blue satin ribbon.

The Spring Blossom Collection will be available in all Armani/Dolci stores and at www.armanidolci.com from the middle of March 2015. The cake and the small chocolate eggs can be shipped anywhere in Italy and Europe.

Photo courtesy of Armani/Dolci.

March 22, 2015

On the current Indonesian 'endorsement' phenomenon

 photo toronto-fashion-week-street-style-gadget-case3_zpstnunj87r.jpg

Last year, 2014, and late 2013 was probably the biggest Instagram 'boom' in Indonesia. As I currently live in Indonesia and at the same time, being a blogger whose blog is still based in Singapore, I have experienced the different approach and goals of businesses who wanted to work with me.

Disclaimer: This article does not mean to offend any particular business/person.

I have been blogging for about 5 years now, and I have been offered by hundreds of brands from small ones to big international brands. Of course at first I was always tempted to take the 'job' because of the money, especially I started when I was very young and saving up for.. you know. Expensive footwear. However, my blogger friends, especially the 'full time bloggers', matured ones, advise me to choose brands very carefully. Only to choose whatever I want to represent and be associate with, for the long term effect. And I applied the theory for the rest of the time.

It was the year 2012 when I came back to Indonesia, bought an Android, and created an Instagram profile. I was always a twitter girl, who only uses a Blackberry back then (that doesn't have Instagram). Surprisingly, I have quite a huge following on Instagram (over 50,000 and counting) compared to twitter (only about 4000+), and then I started to feel like the rest of the population moved away from twitter to Instagram.

When I had about 5000 followers 2,5 years ago, local brands wanted to send me products for free. I received way too many phone accessories and cases, umm..which were my weakness. So I managed to group a few together and posted them on my Instagram for free. I thought, it was just Instagram post, snap a photo and add a one sentence caption kind of thing, not like I had to create a 3 paragraph article on my blog. Why not?

Then there were offers from online shops that sells parody tees, food, hair products, bag charms, things I don't even like or use and that aren't my style at all, and the list were endless. Then I started to wonder, what are these people doing here? I probably have worked with about 3-4 Instagram based businesses for free, and the rest for a fee. A lot of them don't want to pay at all, so I turned down almost 80% of the offer, because I don't like their products anyway. I did help a lot of my friends who start their businesses on Instagram because I had to. So most of the time when you see me tagging a brand that you're not already familiar with, I was doing it for a friend.

That moment, I began to notice that a lot people actually only use Instagram to sell products here in Indonesia. They actually rely on Instagram only to display their products and answer to customers. Because there are so many accounts, selling the same products, I guess the sellers don't have any other choice than to 'endorse' their products to as many people as possible (I will explain the perceived term 'endorse' later).

What once for celebrities, is also for online personalities, bloggers. Then it was no longer only to bloggers, but to just merely anyone with 3000+ followers. In my social circle, for example, almost everyone seems to be some sort of influencers, they get endorsement deals (no they are not bloggers, but they are pretty girls and they take good pictures) - a lot of them on daily basis. It is not a rare sight that their Instagram is made of only for endorsement posts.

I always knew that our followers know when it's a sponsored post, so the posts will get lower likes. The idea is to make the post as real as possible, and strategically place it as something that is part of our life. But nowadays, everyone gets too comfortable with receiving product endorsements that this theory doesn't fit anymore in the society. It is all about receiving free goods and maybe getting paid a little. It's no longer about creating hype, discussing a strategy with the brands, but simply posting photos and tagging the seller, not filtering products they want to receive. It's about the business of 'endorse' - what they call it, perhaps for an extra income.

Then it was the complete misconception about the word 'endorse'. In Indonesia, online shops email me and ask 'can I endorse you'? At first I was a little confused, do they really know what it means? In the supposedly correct theory, it's the celebrity/public figure who endorse brands/products, which was the other way around. But then I started to feel that these online sellers don't really know what they're doing, they just do what other brands are doing without knowing who their endorsers were.

According to this site: 58% of people in Indonesia feel that celebrity endorsements doesn't affect their desire to shop. It was celebrities they're talking about. But here we are talking about non-celebrities, only people with a couple thousand followers, which I don't even know for sure is real. I wonder, how much effect do these Indonesian online shops actually get from it? Do they even care about the reach, how to measure their social media engagement, their actual sales, product image, or are they only copying what their competitor is doing?

Again, this is just an observation from someone who's not doing anything at 11pm on a Saturday night. I guess a girl can ramble a little.
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