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February 06, 2011

Paradise waiting


First thing first, Happy Chinese New Year. I know it's late but I hope my readers and friends had a great one. As for myself, I went back to Indonesia for a couple of days. Surprisingly, I learnt about my friends and their views on Chinese new year celebration from their twitter. It's funny how some count their blessings and others loathe being an Asian in this modern era. Anyway, I want to hear your stories about what makes you guys proud being Chinese and how you find it tough to be an Asian.


Now let's move on. I don't know why but my sunglasses and my top matched this time. They are indeed in the exact same color.


I go out like this most of the time. Loose top and leggings plus oversized sunglasses if not wayfarers. Those shoes again, yes. I have been wearing them over and over. I promise you won't see them again in the next two weeks.


Photographed by Eric Tanzil.


  1. I just hate that I need to go to people house every chinese new year! but I always love reunion dinner, and of course cny shopping!

    look great sil! ;-)

  2. happy chinese new year! its my fav festival of all time!

  3. what I love about being Chinese is to be born and taught by mostly tons of tradition, ethique, and myth (which sounds a little bit ridiculous most of the time)
    and I think there's nothing to be hated for being a chinese, despite with all of the 'racist' thing goes around
    Happy Chinese New Year anyway


  4. Love this outfit and the photos!!!
    I can't answer the other question though since I'm not asian... ;)

  5. You look gorgeous.
    I love being asians as we actually have a very soft feature for face and small body (most of the time) we also are thought to be smart people.
    However, because other races are more developed, they are proud of themselves and usually give underestimating stereotype to asians.

    :) in general that's what I thought.


  6. I used to be quite self-conscious about being Asian as there were not many Asian kids in my school, but now I've gotten over it and I'm a proud Asian :)

  7. Great pics...Love your shoes...You should definately be a model...:)



    Don't bother to pass by anutime...:)

  8. not sure why they would not like to be asians. im not chinese but we celebrate chinese new year too coz my bf is chinese and i grew up in a chinese community. LOL! it's awesome.. 2 new years in one year.. can't beat that :P


  9. looking great..I don't celebrate CNY but I do enjoy the festival and shopping of course :)
    Happy Chinese New Year!

    eclectic du jour

  10. Your outfit is so perfectly care free and cute =)

  11. I love the color of your top! You look fabulous. Hope you had a great New Year!

    xx- Lera

  12. i love your top and glasses!
    classy! :)


  13. You look marvelous as always! For me, the struggle is not so much about becoming more Chinese, but about being respected as legitimate citizens of Indonesia

    Arnold Teja


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