poisepolish.: Let's talk about Céline luggage totes

December 23, 2011

Let's talk about Céline luggage totes

I was one of the first ones among my friends that bought the Céline luggage tote and apparently I have found out that Céline have redesigned this bag. The grained leather version is much more stiffer, giving it a lot more structure. Mine was actually from one of the first few generations, I think it's from three or four seasons ago. I used it as an everyday bag, walked under the heat and rain, put pretty heavy things inside it. I was quite concerned of how my bag end up looking like this. Exactly like Alessandra's.


I bought the shorter-handle version, and when wearing, I often put it on my shoulder, making the straps stretched so much. And finally, the bag sags when carried. Seeing these images of Ale's bag will make you understand the situation.


I was quite hopeless until I found out that putting my bag under the sun with stuffings inside could actually help to make the leather become stiffer. The humid weather in Singapore doesn't help at all. The sun and the heat will make the water absorbed in the leather evaporate. Now I had to put some kind of a plate underneath, at the bottom of the bag, to give a bit of support and finally the bag looks a lot better now. Anyone who experienced the same problem with me is welcomed to share. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Images from various sources.


  1. alessandras style is amazing. and her bag is stunning!
    xxx love


  2. Why don't you try to store your things in an air compress room to keep it plush and out of the humidity (if that's what you are looking for) or try leather protector to help keep the moisture out of the leather, BTW that fur jacket is TDF i am lusting for one. can some one please ID it for me.



  3. Even the ones they made a year ago still have that stretch factor. I got my mini last year, and though I reserve it as a secondary/special occasion bag, I can definitely see the stretch in the handles. Afterdrk also has some of the stretch issues, and I think she got hers around the same time I got mine.

  4. i like it better when the bag's saggy. It gives off the feeling of still celine-structured-feminime look :)

  5. Celebrities all love celine bags, they are cute and also classy, no women would say no to these cute bags!

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