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January 13, 2012

ONESIXTYNOTEPAD on writing fashion

I'm so glad it's been more than a year of me blogging about fashion and I can still continuously learn something new, something fresh, every single day, every single moment. I've met a lot of extremely interesting people, very knowledgable of the industry, so unique with their strong opinions and voice, and their capability of making others look up on them. I mean, it's fashion, it's constantly changing. One of the boys I'm so proud of are my friends from ONESIXTYNOTEPAD. They wen't to Milan last year and here are Dinie and Ridhwan, talking to The Underground Stage Singapore about Singapore as the next fashion capital, and their overall experience and impression of the local fashion scene.

In case you missed this, Singapore has broken into the top 10 list of 2011's fashion capitals, landing at the no.8 position. Read more about it here.

‘The more ephemeral fashion is, the more perfect it is. You couldn’t possibly protect that which is already dead.’ To Coco Chanel, fashion survives only in the moments and in the ephemerality of time.


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