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April 09, 2012

Introducing: Bench

Bench clothing is renowned for its cool urban streetwear and multifuntional clothing. It originally started out as a small underground men’s wear label with strong links to the Manchester rave scene as well as skateboarding and BMX culture.


Bench rose to fame when it was adopted by cool celebrities and indie bands like Noel Gallagher, Echo and the Bunnymen and The Charlatans. It’s all about funky tees for electronic music fans, with comfortable, loose and stylish festival and holiday clothes aplenty, plus a darker, more rebellious line for skaters out there looking to stand out from the crowd.

Nick Barber, head of men’s design at Bench, says, “We take inspiration from our audience and how they interact with urban culture, music and media”, and accordingly there’s a diverse range here that’s as suitable for a rock and roll lifestyle as it is for surf culture. You can get a great deal online if you buy Bench clothing at Littlewoods, with all the latest styles in stock.

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