poisepolish.: Elena Perminova at Vogue The Health Initiative

June 03, 2012

Elena Perminova at Vogue The Health Initiative


Working the peplum silhouette, Elena is simply gorgeous in this low cut black blouse. Loving the effortless vibe she created by that messy hairstyling.


According to Fashionista:

"The new initiative will make several efforts to improve models’ working conditions, as well as promote healthier body images for readers. For instance, as part of the agreement, Vogue editors will not “knowingly” use models under the age of 16–which means that models like Gemma Ward, Lindsey Wixson and Karlie Kloss (who were all photographed for an edition of Vogue under the age of 16) will have to wait a few years before getting snapped. The editors have also made a pact not to use models who “appear to” have eating disorders and instead work with girls who “in [their] view” promote a healthy body image. This one’s obviously a lot harder to qualify, but hopefully it means we’ll see a wider variety of sizes and shapes, instead of the now-ubiquitous double-zero."

Images from buro247.ru.


  1. Pepplum! I love it.
    She looks gorgeous.

    See you.

  2. Effortless. She looks more beautiful when smiling :)

    Lucca Yoga

  3. awww she's so gorgeous!!



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