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September 06, 2012

Join me on Instagram


Some of you might have followed me on Instagram since a couple months ago. In fact, I created an account just to browse, but I didn't carry an iPhone/Android with me then. Last month I finally purchased Samsung S3 simply to be more active on the account -- I believe that's a good enough reason to get another phone. Oh and I can't wait to put a sparkly, crystal case on it, which will most definitely be Givenchy 'Paradise Flowers' inspired, thanks to my sponsor, Cubic Cubic.

So follow me if you want to see pictures of my outfits (some Poise24 exclusives too), bags and shoes collections, daily activities, inspiration boards, and of course food I eat, or food that I think would look good on photographs. Just kidding. Anyway my username is @silviasiantar.


  1. Am following now! Mi instagram is @lazycatstyle

  2. Nice pics, I just followed you on instagram (@clothesandcamera)


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