poisepolish.: I still love NY by Sebastian Errazuriz

November 07, 2012

I still love NY by Sebastian Errazuriz

By now most of you know about the devastation of Hurricane Sandy, and the impact the storm has had on the East Coast. Here's a simple way to help. You get a unique, handmade t-shirt, at the same time you get to donate to the victims without any hassle.


Like most work places throughout New York, Chilean artist Sebastian Errazuriz’s studio stalled after hurricane Sandy. Unable to work and tired of watching the horrible storm unfold on the news, he decided to collaborate with Grey Area to help raise much-needed relief funds for victims of the natural disaster.

Influenced by the water line marked on the walls of the flooded galleries in the Chelsea Art District, the artist has created a series of hand-made T-shirts using a 1970’s dip dying style. The tourist classics: 'I love NY' and MTA subway T-shirts are now being transformed into a flooded New York City divided between those with electricity and those left in the dark. You can get the tees here, with all proceeds going to hurricane Sandy relief programs.


Creative much? I'd say this is probably the least we can do to help. Alternatively, you can donate to the disaster relief efforts of the Red Cross by going to their website here. Remember, there are thousands in need of the lifesaving work being done by the American Red Cross.

Images courtesy of Grey Area.


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