poisepolish.: At Kate Spade grand opening in Surabaya

March 12, 2013

At Kate Spade grand opening in Surabaya

Was at Kate Spade Spring 2013 private event which also marks the grand opening of their first boutique in town. It had such a youthful twist throughout the store display and the collection. Both colors and prints made bold statements as they clashed together. Here's a photo of me dressed in Poise24 and Rania, remember she was my model for Poise24 Orient collection?

 photo kate_spade_ciputra_world_surabaya_zps44ce6884.jpg

Also, check out these Kate Spade pop-art bags, tech-accessories (iPhone5 case for $40 from Zappos.com), cosmetic pouch and more! With its colorful, cute, and feminine aesthetic, Kate Spade is definitely a brand that thinks fashion should be fun.

 photo WED-KateSpadePop-Sam2_zpsbf214501.jpg

Photo credit: Christian Belvin


  1. You're both so pretty! Love the pop art work
    Fashion Ganache.

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you there, you looked pretty as always!
    Bisous :*


  3. You look so pretty ce :)



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