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January 04, 2014

Christmas baby!

 photo VDS_8723_zps70c2efd4.jpg

My sister came home for Christmas and we had a chance to do a shoot at VDS Photography. These Christmas themed photo shoot was not really planned, but we had so much fun during the session.

 photo VDS_8745_zpsf12b79a1.jpg

If you have noticed, I also have a new hair color, which is slightly red-brown. Anyway for this shoot, we had a chance to have our make-up done by Livia Lo (aka Lilo) who just recently launched her false lashes brand! You can view her Instagram profile @lilopurplelicious and reach her for party and bridal makeup, and to get her falsies.

 photo VDS_8763_zpse2c35060.jpg

 photo VDS_8755_zpsdf5f398a.jpg

Okay she doesn't know I'm posting her photos here, but I think she really looked good in these two photos and she's wearing Poise24 as well.

 photo VDS_8705_zps9aff58eb.jpg

 photo image3_zps5f2eb0ee.jpeg

Finally, we'd like to wish you a Happy New Year 2014! My wishes for the coming years include traveling more, take better photographs of everything, details (food, scenery, etc. etc.) since I'm not that artsy, and to expand my brand!

The good news is that I'm opening a Poise24 concept store hopefully in mid-2014, which will be in West Surabaya. The launch date is to be confirmed, but I'm hoping for it to be in July. Please pray for us so that everything can work as planned.

 photo image2_zps68e8927f.jpeg

 photo image1_zpsf481e7d3.jpeg

And at the end of the shoot, Deasy of VDS and Lilo both came to surprise me with a birthday cake! I feel so blessed and thank you for all the support and love!

 photo image_zpsad4b73ff.jpeg

Photographed by VDS Photography.


  1. Happy 2014 to you as well c: The sister photoshoot
    is lovely! You 2 sure look a like! Nice surprise with
    that birthdaycake at the end ^^ Xx

  2. You and your sister are such cuties! Beautiful photos

  3. beautiful photographs <3 Happy New Year and hope 2014 will be amazing for you :))

    Diary of a Dreamer

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