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April 14, 2015

CHANEL mini 2015

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After the Chanel price harmonisation that happened last month, I believe it's time to get one for myself. As a smart shopper, we always face to buy classics and 'what's hot'. I mean, we all want to buy items that we can keep in our wardrobe forever, but sometimes we got to buy something daring and fun and seasonal, because if we don't live in the present and wear what's in trend, then what's the point of fashion?

As a 22 year old, I have been using my own money to shop for designer goods since 4 or 5 years ago. I mostly save up my 'blog' money to buy designer shoes. I have two or three vintage Chanel that have been passed down to me from my grandmother and my mom, and I can really appreciate the Chanel value. However, when it comes to Chanel, it is way more expensive than, let's say the trendy Saint Laurent and Phillip Lim, so there's the gamble. I didn't save up enough to get a Chanel. It was enough only for Balenciaga(s) and Proenza Schouler(s).

My other way of thinking is that, designer fashion means luxury and it means it's not accessible to all. A part of me always want to get somewhat a 'limited' piece that is not massively produced all year long and the next couple of years. A seasonal piece is often more appealing to me than classics. I mean, for example, after owning a classic, although vintage, Chanel black flap with gold chain, I never really want to get a new Chanel flap in black (plus I never care about the hardware color, I'm not the kind that will want a silver chain, when I have the same thing in gold chain). So I have always opt for something else, more like, other trendy look. It's when everyone else already own a Chanel black flap and we've always seen them on the streets (the real deal and the cheap knockoffs altogether). I would feel much more in 'power' when nobody is seen carrying a Céline mini luggage yet, and I already have one in my hand, then I got the jealous stare.

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And last week, I gave in. I don't want to spend too much on Chanel because I always lean on Hermès more. Thus, I'll be willing to save up and spend more on Hermès. That's why I think the Chanel mini is the right size for me. It's cute and it's not so small on my petite figure, plus its within my budget. I'm so so so happy because I got this color. This time I wasn't doing research online or anything on the bag, like when I usually decide my next designer shoes. I bought this the very old school in-store shopping way. They offered 5 options and I chose one within 10 minutes and didn't think much. And sometimes it feels as good.

There was a long line at Takashimaya Singapore, I remember it was on a weekday. Almost everyone who walked into the store, came out with something. They really do shop this time.

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This is the bag on my sister, Sharon. I'm glad I have a sister to share my stuff with.

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