poisepolish.: October 2015

October 24, 2015

Poise24 3rd anniversary show

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I can't believe we are three years old now! Last week (although two months late from our actual birthday which was in July), we collaborated with MC Models Management and Rui Lounge & Bar for a night of fashion and glamour. The show was divided into two sequences, which showcased our newly launched premium batik collection, and part one of our upcoming holiday collection.

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The collection is available in store starting next week. We are taking pre-orders and custom orders so you can have a look at these photos and start planning your wishlist for the holiday season!

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Many thanks to our sponsors, Eddy Rizaldy makeup, Cîroc Vodka and MC Models Management. Table decor and goodie bags prepared by Precious Moment Decorations Surabaya. Photography by Ardy Kwandy (@ardykwandy on Instagram), Yonatan Setiawan and Stevanus Widjaja.

Visit their photography website eXalt Photography and Portfolio Photography.

October 01, 2015

Photoshoot for L'oreal Paris V-Look

 photo yOn5sRIfy96M-GZsRkV7vURdyx3Cc8S_9ZbloArQMsU_zpswxeyjoku.jpg

L'Oréal Professionnel globally launched their newest hair styling, cutting, and coloring techniques that were inspired by Korean celebrities who tend to have a slim face shape or known as the V-Shape. I was one of the 6 Instagram influencers for L'Oréal Professionnel Indonesia. My hair is transformed into reddish brown color with a V-Look coloring and cutting technique by Stephanie Martina at Glam Hair Culture Salon Surabaya.

 photo tQP1d1T9BPr6lc1P-YsODyc2h-063WsHRxeea1J-7W0_zpst2shmalh.jpg

 photo Shr0ycslkHJYcP7VKlvncaWu_ED51GOsZbPcs2C9oW0_zpsd8aclmwx.jpg

 photo qzTIpKhBwL5Pbj9WujtaBR6iQuXwLC-tzytgNVUn8fE_zpsdhoze89j.jpg

 photo sAEB3fP5-ITPENWyX6tuQrqaqy1tW7JO0SWCjUldmBk_zps6zxzdzn3.jpg

 photo GUUP1IEtDEx8jq_Ljl6w3ZuLxdSSlwerDst_KvxAOxE_zpshrwstdu6.jpg

 photo heDlaFuUP5OGiTGSGbeUfdy7xqs2QlCey_zTg7kaiSM_zpsryzfjscp.jpg

 photo 91fz-mQxcFhfl7FzwlAo4A4wkTuOy7RetQT7nBsVStE_zps1ttc0a5d.jpg

 photo 57bon3qvq1A3Xf1oBTtWbQ8-k0HDgiHGrjquNPHiACw_zpsy27vo8lu.jpg

 photo 31CXK6gpJzuMv2ThW48XSk6lEvLTwF5Cog1EBleJKis_zpsluvztav8.jpg

 photo NtIVwETbujLJjN94UZ5w6amzgk70b-13WZFxsH7nCV4_zpsfphxhxpg.jpg

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Photographed by Carol Kuntjoro of Pyara Photo @pyaraphoto on Instagram.
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