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January 28, 2016

Bali diaries: All-white

 photo L1009887edit_zpsc9hsqfey.jpg

Can you believe it's actually my first time here at one of the island's most sought after restaurant & resorts? I bet you can tell where this is just by looking at these shots. It was cloudy and drizzling for a moment that afternoon so the place was a little quiet unlike the usual.

 photo L1000012_zps8knaxbdc.jpg

We ordered appetisers and desserts only as we came right after such a heavy lunch. It wasn't bad at all but totally the view triumphs over the food here. Will I come back for a second visit? Definitely.

 photo L1000015_zpsbfmjo8un.jpg

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Wearing white embellished playsuit from my label Poise24.

January 12, 2016

Top trends at Golden Globes 2016 red carpet

Happy new year to my readers! Happy mid-January, happy first two weeks of the new year! I apologise for the lack updates once again. Now that I have a full time job at my label, I have less and less time for blogging. My new years resolution is to blog more, to have more insights on fashion and lifestyle, and to create a new voice in the Indonesian-Singapore blogging scene. Let's hope at least I can achieve one goal.

Anyway, I woke up this morning scrolling through images of the Golden Globes red carpet (I might spend about 20-30 minutes top). I always love the awards season! I'm so obsessed with this year's looks on my favourite actresses and these are my top picks grouped into three categories.

1. All-white, all-eyes on you

 photo rs_1024x759-160110181349-Golden_Globes_Trends_0005_white_zpspmlewyxu.jpg

I absolutely love the white trend. Although the textbook theory is that black slims and white fattens, these dresses are everything I want in my future evening dress dream closet. These are so versatile, so modern yet timeless, so much better than black!

2. Golden girls with an extra touch

 photo Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 10.43.12 pm_zps9w1523ct.png

Part 2, is the gold, beige-ish gold, that looks so surreal. I mean I have always been on the rose-gold side, but I feel that I'm moving slightly to the beige gold side. Ok I might actually just created the term (I don't have time to google). But you girls are following, right?

3. Cape trend

 photo golden globes16 cape trend_zpsotulgejq.jpg

Last but not least, as Harper's Bazaar called it the 'Superhero' trend, here are some "fitted at the top" and "flare at the bottom" with much more drama happening at the back type of dresses. I started feeling this trend and I feel like the public is getting more used to it. These dresses photographs beautifully and they could be a daring option for those of you who are bored of normal mermaid dresses. Although the first impression is that only the tall ones can pull this off, I think I can totally picture myself in one of them looking just fine.

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