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April 16, 2016

First look at my Invisalign journey

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I'm now 23 years old and I have had braces in my teenage years during high school, just like many others did. But, I didn't really take a good care after I took off my braces. Everyone is supposed to wear retainers at night even after their tooth is perfectly aligned for the rest of their lives. However, I didn't because I couldn't care less.

It was only after a year, my wisdom tooth started to grow against the tooth next to it. So it pushed the other tooth away and made my bottom teeth alignment is starting to become slightly messy. I began to find my old retainers but it couldn't fit anymore. So I thought I was going to get my teeth done after I removed my wisdom tooth when I'm ready.

I feel that I didn't have the perfect smile and I searched for a solution. It's either doing veneers or Invisalign treatment. I settled with Invisalign treatment because it's a more interesting way to 'design' my smile. With Invisalign, I can ask the doctor to adjust my bottom and upper teeth by a couple millimetres to achieve my desired smile.

This is perfect for me considering porcelain veneers don't last forever, and the fact that having it means I had to get a portion of my tooth structure removed, which is a much greater risk if it's not done perfectly.

Long story short, I made my first visit to Gigi Sehat Dental which is one of the Invisalign provider in Surabaya. My first impression when Dr Immilya introduced Invisalign and showed many end results was that this treatment is very promising. It suits my very active lifestyle and it's not visible at all! Which means it won't alter my current smile and I wouldn't be afraid of getting photographed with metal braces.

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I had my teeth mould and they are ready to be sent to Align Technology in the USA, the makers of Invisalign. My Invisalign clear aligners will be ready in 2 months and I will share more about it soon.
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If you have any questions regarding anything about Invisalign feel free to drop me an email!


  1. I've had braces too during my teenage years :P
    after 1,5 years I was free of braces! But there are
    metal wires behind my teeth to avoid they turn back
    in their old crooked state. This new brace method
    that are invisable sounds good though! I wish you
    all the best and good health care c: Xx
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