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October 31, 2017

Singapore in style

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I was in Singapore last month for my final wedding dress fittings, and I prepared four days in case there were further alterations needed, and because of that, I had so much free time. I used to live in Singapore in 2010 to 2012, but the one place I've never been is no other than the National Gallery Singapore. I missed the famous Yayoi Kusama exhibition, I've seen it all in pictures on Instagram, but I wanted to have my first museum experience and see what else was there.

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There was the Children's Biennale exhibition going on, which is supposed to aim for kids obviously. But it was light and such a fun experience, first we went to this room called Homogenizing and Transforming world where there was many balls that light up colors, they can change if we tap on them. Next there was this Obliteration Room (polkadots galore!!!).

 photo A0009667_zpsdydfnmj7.jpg

Then there was this see through room full of ribbons called This Changed My Life. The romantic part in me wanted to write our names and tied it on the ribbons. Kind of sweet because I've never done this before.

 photo A0009662_zpszssunsud.jpg

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Finally, the most photogenic spot of all, was the Sonnet in Blue installation. If you are in Singapore, drop by and even if you might not enjoy the activities, you can take your cameras and explore how the Sonnet in Blue looks in photograph. Breathtaking.

Outfit from H&M and Topshop, photos taken with Leica M.

March 23, 2017

You deserve to be my forever

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We've grown up together, and I've become a better person today because of him. I was very young back then, back in high school, every chick flick movies tell me the same thing: that your first love won't last. It was that easy, choosing him over someone else. I was young and free and it wasn't complicated at all. Just that kind of love out of uncertainty and curiosity and we were both fearless. Years have passed and I have proved to myself that it wasn't the kind of love like the movies, my first love last up until now and he is now my fiance. He's the kind of guy that would do anything to be my everything. We were engaged on Christmas Eve and I'm so happy to share my life with someone I've known forever.

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Growing up, I realized that he always loves me for who I am. For the first time he met me, until now, everytime I look at him I know he only wants me. And I am the lucky one who never experience, and have ever gone through a heartbreak. He taught me to never second guess myself, he knows all of my friends and families, and the best thing of it all, is that he fills me with confidence. I'm that lucky, I know. And to those who are looking for love, I just want to share this with you. That you deserve someone who looks at you and see a future making you forget about your past. You deserve to be someone's first and only choice.

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I have on my wrist, The Cartier LOVE bracelet, which is a universal symbol of love. It is studded with screws that locks to the wrist. Opened and fastened with a screwdriver. Once your partner helped you wear the bracelet will never be able to take it off without his help (if he choose to keep the screwdriver, like how my boyfriend did). The idea is that he will seal and lock his love forever. And everytime you wear the bracelet, it's a sweet reminder of love.

 photo 3I2A9929-crop1_zpsxmofzklz.jpg

 photo 3I2A0048-crop-bw_zpshrnpwp7m.jpg

What I love about the LOVE collection is that it is undeniably elegant. When you wear one, it is a symbol of love. When you stack and wear more than two on one wrist, it becomes an instant fashion statement! The fact that it comes in white gold, yellow and rose gold makes me want to keep adding other versions to my collection. You can never have too many.. I guess.

 photo Cartier_Love bracelet_8_zpsgqqb3fle.jpg

This year, the new Love Bracelet was introduced. It is a slimmer version, perfect to be stacked with the older versions! Studded with diamonds, yellow gold or rose gold: how far would you go for Love?

 photo Cartier_Love bracelet_9_zpsezhbolx8.jpg

Find more ways to wear the Love bracelet using #DareToDeclare all across social media channels. 

Photographed by Maximilian John.

March 07, 2017

Photo diaries: Hong Kong part 1

I can't believe it took me two months to finally post this. But I just want to share it with you all.. probably one of the happiest moments in my life! I got proposed on Christmas Eve right in front of a beautiful gold Christmas tree. The next day we celebrated my birthday at the iconic Peninsula Hong Kong, I was so blessed to be able to share all these moments with my closest friends. Enjoy!

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More photos on the next post...

January 29, 2017

#LiveSuper Christmas Holiday with Samsung Galaxy TabS2

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It's that time of the year again, where I finally have chance to go on holiday for a week just because it's Christmas! After a hectic holiday season, where I had the launch of kidswear and a busy month at my boutique, I need a break to relax, and I wanted everything to be perfect. I planned this trip a month before, and just because I have my new Samsung Galaxy TabS2 with me, I can book my plane ticket and accommodation as well as research for itinerary anytime of the day when I'm free, like mostly when I'm on the car or while waiting for dinner.

 photo IMG_0221_zpsuol9q2ag.jpg

Long story short, the day arrived and it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. The first thing that impressed me about Samsung Galaxy TabS2 is just how light it is. Like I can carry it around in my bag without feeling too heavy. I woke up every morning looking up online for the weather forecast with my Samsung Galaxy TabS2 because I plan my outfit around it. During the day and night I use it to read reviews and special deals as well as find the hottest eating spot in town. And when we are walking I used the Google Map app quite a lot, and there is enough battery life.

 photo IMG_9694_zpspurztslf.jpg

As usual, we took so many photos during the day and because the Samsung Galaxy TabS2 has an expandable storage, I can easily transfer my photos there and choose what to post on my social media quickly. On top of that, I believe that the tablet has a great battery life! A full battery will lasts a regular day use.

 photo IMG_9769_zpsyhsudq3y.jpg

 photo IMG_9752_zpsrjoloh3j.jpg

I run a business back home and I still have to reply important emails and connect with my team back in Indonesia, thus, Samsung Galaxy TabS2 is very handy when it comes to emails and downloading files, because it supports almost every file type. At the end of my holiday, I would say that the Galaxy TabS2 is a brilliant travel companion and I will surely bring it on my next holiday with me.

January 04, 2017

Hong Kong holiday photo by SweetEscape

It was a beautiful Christmas season in Hong Kong and I was so happy to have these photos taken by the sweetest photographer Shawn Kei from the SweetEscape team (@sweet.escape) on Instagram. We did a 2 hour long shoot with 3 outfit changes. It was a fun, relaxed shoot because from the beginning we wanted everything to be natural and lively. After all, the best part of every vacation are the memories. Here are my favourites from over 100 images!

 photo silvia_siantar-hongkong-1_1482921380resize_zpsvgdjrjwu.jpg

 photo silvia_siantar-hongkong-2_1482921392resize_zpsgmx2gmsu.jpg

 photo silvia_siantar-hongkong-14_1482921408resize_zpsbhuskrzb.jpg

 photo silvia_siantar-hongkong-7_1482921394resize_zpsgwbvhmya.jpg

I actually had around fifteen friends who spent Christmas together in Hong Kong but they weren't able to shoot that day because of the different schedules. I was with my sister, Sharon and my cousin Christabel. Then I had to push my boyfriend to join for a couple shoots just because I loved seeing him in winter outfits.

 photo silvia_siantar-hongkong-58_1482921505resize_zpsbd7g5tri.jpg

 photo silvia_siantar-hongkong-50_1482921488resize_zpsnbs2taww.jpg

 photo silvia_siantar-hongkong-98_1482921621resize_zpsh40ft8al.jpg

 photo silvia_siantar-hongkong-100_1482921632resize_zpsugev6qgm.jpg

 photo silvia_siantar-hongkong-111_1482921665resize_zpszxr5dbfh.jpg

 photo silvia_siantar-hongkong-130_1482921689resize_zpsoc1cky8b.jpg

Since I get a lot of compliments on my third look wearing a custom sequined flare pants, you can now buy them at Poise24 (email info@poise24.com)

Photo by SweetEscape.

SweetEscape is a holiday photography service founded by David Soong, the same person who revolutionized the wedding photography industry in Indonesia through his company, Axioo Photography. SweetEscape captures moments for vacation goers, connecting them with 300+ photographers from across the globe. SweetEscape currently has a growing network of local photographers in 250 cities in 5 continents across the globe and is already available at trending holiday destinations.
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