poisepolish.: My autumn wedding in Tokyo (part 1)

November 23, 2018

My autumn wedding in Tokyo (part 1)

I have been wanting to share this with you on my blog, we held our wedding last year in Tokyo on the 28th of November. Right when the trees turn red and the perfect autumn folliage happen to take place. We had our privilege to be photographed by the amazing Carol Kuntjoro and Evans Irawan of Pyara Photography as well as Maximillian John of Moire Photography.

 photo adi-silvi-wd-ck-253_zpsstq30uqf.jpg

 photo adi-silvi-wd-ck-216_zpsoq9otvag.jpg

 photo adi-silvi-wd-ck-227_zpsrbcc0clm.jpg

 photo adi-silvi-wd-ck-199_zps04wwjvqv.jpg

 photo adi-silvi-wd-ck-247_zpstrd3l8wv.jpg

 photo adi-silvi-wd-ck-233_zpsdy4ftzum.jpg

 photo adi-silvi-wd-ei-222_zps2ihqbxxh.jpg

 photo R1-01611-0010_zpsdmrqmaxy.jpg

 photo adi-silvi-wd-ck-1_zpsf5dybc6e.jpg

 photo adi-silvi-wd-ck-10_zps15csw24g.jpg

 photo IMG_1006_zpsn0i3grga.jpg

 photo IMG_0891_zpstl6a0u0v.jpg

 photo IMG_0900_zpsrlyttbqk.jpg

 photo IMG_0924_zpsuaokwkbu.jpg

 photo adi-silvi-wd-ck-128_zpso1gzjht2.jpg

 photo IMG_0879_zpsbom9ddao.jpg

 photo adi-silvi-wd-ei-209_zpsvcl6fpfg.jpg

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  1. Even though it's a year a go but congratulations!! You look so beautiful and the pictures are gorgeous!! Xx

  2. wow lovely wedding photos and styling I like It. Thanks for sharing.
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