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April 11, 2013

Louis Vuitton: New, Now, NOÉ

 photo Louis-Vuitton-Petit-Noe-BB-2_zpsf359337f.png

In strictly chronological terms, it is the second oldest Louis Vuitton iconic daily bag, its birth date of 1932 placing it at the start of an exceptional decade that saw the creation of the Speedy, the Alma and the Keepall.

 photo 8lY_xaSOBdhneiR6fj1n4E28MUJWTwOeNbSmWW68zpE4Dm6g_r6N_SAZOmAd2iBL2Ppo3rLqOb-sdQe1Czei5EvV32eWUNHSieXOD-kPTeuwHlrDuL7CeeyBojk_zpsb51ff4cd.jpeg

 photo jgyWrcQRjsK_z8gIQsvnFz9hNgfCP0ICSJl9zml7BvISSihNPa7z5keFZyhRcfwUvqtOYwu3RO5ndTKrn7dSwU_zps4570aea1.jpeg

 photo ouzs9drA0CAhlNEcZpAgww4WAhDJsv_tErAffx9cMzUtqp7DeYRo9tLp4XleGypvuIDsuEhU78GywM8UN2sdlgWSdLKJUg2NzoctNU1T2nTVLC8L2sSWKq6Rc38_zps768db192.jpeg

In spirit, however, Noé is as young as any bag around, still tinged with the carefree air of those newly liberated women who wore short skirts, shorter hair and carried it – just so – swinging from their shoulder.

The original Noé was crafted from natural leather, pale gold, and light as its exuberant ribbons of bubbles. Since then, Noé has appeared in many guises – most famously, of course, Louis Vuitton’s emblematic Monogram canvas, which by the 1960s could at last be made supple enough to do justice to the bag’s generous forms.

Today, Noé and its cousin Petit Noé can be found in a myriad incarnations, from Damier Azur to colourful Epi leather – each time different, yet still, somehow, the same.

 photo bCWXHly-QXYuWEx7E6HKRFjqi4xiiInvrn6FNyv9wXkJKTJUugjyqg8H82A2Qgmv1ZClJSPvXRCqvdVL0NqwVY_zps60604395.jpeg

 photo jIdsKayENgq4mzLL_s6fINB9KRXYVRz-iLBHRUDLb00-ga5ESDtd69gLfcbS6zrNmHgW-kXXjYuKbOqreB1D7Q8SA6JAK9oUoF7urqYKNAvQT7v7gBmtH4NMkPh_zps169ed86c.jpeg

But now there is a new Noé: Noé BB. Irresistibly cute, unmistakeably contemporary, a diminutive replica of the original which comes with its own innovation: an extra-long shoulder strap that enables it to be slung casually across the body. In Monogram or Damier Azur canvas and candy-bright Epi, Noé BB is just waiting to be discovered by a new generation.

In Singapore, Noe BB is launched in classic Monogram Canvas (S$1320), Damier Azur (S$1320) and Epi leather (S$1820) in a series of 5 vibrant mono-colours; Figue, Fuschia, Citron, Piment, Cyan.

Will it, one day, like its larger namesake, be handed down from mother to daughter, its distinctive drawstring symbolic of an enduring bond of elegance?

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton.

August 29, 2012

The Making of a Mulberry Del Rey

We all know that Mulberry has dedicated a new handbag to the sensational Lana Del Rey, inspired by the singer's soulful voice and signature hollywood style. Emma Hill was inspired to create a bag that took Lana's nostalgic glamour combined with Mulberry heritage detailing.

The bag tells a story of refined practicality. With sumptuous leather and elegant simplicity, the silhouette implies structure, yet is soft and tactile, which is the best thing Mulberry has been doing in their tradition.

Watch the Del Rey as it is transformed from pieces of leather and metal into the newest Mulberry icon - all to the tune of Lana Del Rey's "Summertime Sadness".

Checkout Mulberry.com for the choices of colors and materials available.
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