poisepolish.: Drink coffee with style

December 27, 2011

Drink coffee with style

Interesting how the media keep reporting luxury and the emerging new riches from around the globe. Now cheers to these fashionable cup holders for you to show-off to your school mates at the canteen or colleagues at work. I mean, based on my observation here in Singapore, everyone seems to struggle in the morning peak hour queue madness to survive the day with a cup of coffee or hot milk tea in hand. Hand your Jimmy Choo sleeve to the barista at the coffee shop as you place your order, and never touch those corrugated cardboard sleeves ever again. Fashionably grab the cup on the sleeve and sip your skinny latte slowly when walking towards wherever in your red sole. Or of course, Jimmy Choos to match.


"We all know the importance of making sure your shoes complement your handbag—but who knew your shoes had to coordinate with your vanilla latte?" I love how Jimmy Choo, apparently picks up the trend. Prices starts from €105.00. You can buy the mock croc version in orange online here.


Now let's talk about the $250 Hermès real croc ones. It turns out that Hermès cup holders are slightly less offensive than the Choo ones, as they are created out of leftover scraps of leather. This is perhaps some kind of fashionable recycling or upcycling. I heard they are not available anymore, though. Or let's just put it this way. You'll have a hard time searching for it.

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