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January 06, 2012

Shoes obsession: Christian Louboutin


I can't remember when exactly I took this photograph. Anyways, I guess it looks great and worth posting. Enjoy! P.S. you can use it as a wallpaper if you wish to! Just kidding. I have a question for you here. How do you girls store your shoes? Inside individual boxes or in a shoe rack? I don't know why but I think I love the boxes too much to throw them away.


  1. well,i do it 50-50. if the shoes are too good and the price is quite expensive, i'll put it in the box. but if it's for daily use and cheaper, i put it on the rack. hahaha.

  2. I'll put them in a rack with a window display so its easier to admire them..


  3. Inside their boxes. It is much easier to store and find them when needed. Unfortunately, I don't have enough space to "exhibit" all of them. I have a question: Do you really wear 34.5?? In all shoes or just Louboutins?

  4. I store random things in my boxes that i keep and my shoes in a glass display cabinet in my wardrobe ...... but only the good shoes.



  5. I usually wear 35. I need to go half size down for some particular designs, though.

  6. hey sil we have the same size for shoes :) do you find it hard to find shoes your size?

  7. Not quite hard, I would say. I mean when it comes to shoes, it's always tough. but to me, size 35 is not that hard when it comes to designer shoes, it's just that sometimes high street brands like zara and topshop their smallest size is 36.

  8. i put them in a shoe rack.. easier to find and grab.. i use the boxes to store other knick knacks or simply as room decors


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