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January 31, 2012

To buy: Neon yellow bags

We're definitely not talking about Cambridge Satchel here. Shopping alert for Spring is the neon handbags. PurseBlog did their job in identifying the most wearable ones last month, in different neon shades. Now it's my turn to narrow them down. Out of all neon colors, I would myself opt for yellow. I mean, I like banana yellow, I like mustard, I like lime, but this season is about the fluorescent sister.


I relate to the PS1 bag so incredibly well. My friends mostly have this love and hate relationship with this bag. Some says it has been copied so much it's not funny. Some says, just forget it, you'll get bored of it before you know it, buy a Céline. I saw this particular one in real life today, and I died and went to heaven and partied hard there. Okay, now moving on, of course, a die hard Céline fan would list out the possible option for this particular color, which is no other than the box bag. This would cost a bomb, but then it's also from last Spring, which mean you will have a very difficult time to get your hands on this beauty.


Oh dear bags, please come to mama.

P.S. I was bored and I decided to look up for some lace Photoshop brushes on Google. And then attempted to do this. And I guess, somehow succeeded.


  1. those bags blind me but are so gorgeous.
    Glass of Fashion

  2. These two designs are amongst my favourites (especially the Celine) and I think that neon shades make these bags look even better!

  3. Ooooh wow, love the Celine one!


  4. i think photoshop really works , nice edit :)


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