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February 11, 2012

NYFW: Costello Tagliapietra Fall 2012


Three days of New York Fashion Week have past and the fact that I can't keep my hands off my phone, reading streams of NYFW related tweets and stalking every single photographs made me realize that one day I will make my way to the shows sitting wherever (I don't care which row), as long as I can breathe the same air as the most fashion forward people on this planet. Oh yes I will not only dream but I will make it happen (insert Amen).



I came across this photography site on Tumblr that amazed me. Every shot taken is beautiful in it's way, and here are the best shots representing the most delicate creations showcased so far. First batch here is from Costello Tagliapietra Fall 2012.



A show full of flowery prints which turned out not to be exactly florals. According to this report, instead of flowers, the designers used a coral print as a starting point. By layering the print and making it almost indiscernible, it made the short wrap dresses and ruched numbers look current, erasing all tropical beach references.


The designer duo then came up with this process of fabrication called AirDye, which, according to the brand, can "color to synthetic textiles without the use of water, providing a sustainable alternative to traditional dyeing processes. The process does not pollute water, greatly reduces energy use, lowers costs, and satisfies the strictest standards of global responsibility." Interesting, isn't it? It's like this is the very moment when sustainability initiatives on fashion are finally on the rise. It's really happening.

Images from Living in the Stills.


  1. Those print-layering is indeed nice and beautiful!

    i'm so in love with your blog!
    Your style is amazing and the fashion report you give is awesome!


  2. Good! I love those fabrics and prints!

    See you.

  3. it's my dream to go to NYFW ! Great blog btw ! Would you like to follow each other ?

    xxx -S.

  4. Your right! Every shot IS delicate and simple captivating! Thanks for sharing these. Seriously wish I could go to NYFW!



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