poisepolish.: The day I met Charlotte Olympia Dellal

March 30, 2012

The day I met Charlotte Olympia Dellal


The ultra-glamorous shoe designer was finally here in Singapore yesterday. The event was major. There were so many gorgeous women of all age, tottering around the new On Pedder store at Scotts square in towering heels. Okay, maybe the store was a little too packed. Anyway, the moment I saw Charlotte, I was so stunned. She is extremely gorgeous and tall and elegant and charming in person.


So I went to try on their shoes which was sold out the last few weeks. I tried the pumps called Paloma, which was my favorite design. And then I found out that they were way too big on me. Their smallest size is 35. So you girls who have small feet may not be able to wear the normal pumps. Instead, opt for pumps, sandals or wedges which has ankle straps.


Charlotte, who always chooses her shoes before her outfit everyday, is known for her quirky statement sandals and boots, infused with the glamour of the 1940s. Shoes pictured above are taken from Wottoncool and Like I Give A Frock Instagram.

P.S. Dear Charlotte, please consider making shoes size 34 and 34.5, one day, soon.


  1. Wowie you have size 34/34,5?
    You have small feet unlike
    mine lols (38)

    Love the first row, 2nd one!
    Great heel detail!


  2. Ugh gorgeous shoes. I have huge feet though (39) so I'm so jelly of this event...I would have gone mad just trying them all on and buying shoes left right and everywhere.


  3. Her creations are just to die for... This is a pretty blog and so are you!! :)

    Greetings from "I" is for Isabel xx

  4. wow wonderful shoes!! I wish I have one.
    Thanks for the post.!!

    Love it.


  5. Wooow how amazing! you all look wonderful!

  6. You look stunning!!




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