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March 21, 2012

First reveal: Marni at H&M




Finally they are here! The funny thing is that I bought all of these separately. I got Sarah of Wottoncool help me to buy the necklace, because I wasn't sure what else I'd like to get that day. So the evening of the launch day, I managed to go in and score the bodysuit. The next day I went on ebay and found the bracelet selling at a very reasonable price.

It's funny how I didn't expect to get these three particular items. I was so sure I wanted to get the skirt, see my post here. But then, it's the appeal of Marni that can't make me settle just for one item. Besides, the skirt was too big on me and perhaps need a major altering. Best part of the purchase is that the packaging was so adorable. Clearly, Marni at H&M was like a match made in heaven. So what do you think? Also tell me about your purchases, I'll be excited to hear.

Photographed by Stephanie Sasmita.


  1. I also did get that necklace & other accessories! My favorite piece is the blue dotted skirt.
    Check out my blog to see the purchases.



  2. Beautiful pieces! Got the same necklace, also in white...It was my dream collaboration and I was so happy I managed to get all the pieces I want but the hat, which apparently was not available in Belgium...

  3. Great purchases you've made. I'm also a big fan of this collaboration and scored with the white flower necklace (with the leather details), the B&W earrings (quite similar to your bracelet), the chunky heels and the socks :)))

  4. The necklace is gorgeous. And the bracelet, though I really love the necklace. It's a shame the skirt was too big, it looks so lovely. Marni is truly amazing. I'm following you now, maybe we can follow each other? :)


  5. Gorgeous necklace! Adore your picks from this fabulous line <3
    And thanks for the comment. :)
    I'd follow you back, but for some reason I'm not seeing you on my GFC...maybe there was a malfunction? Aha, maybe try again.

    Trendy Teal

  6. Wow congratulations on the score! They didn't stock any at the H&M near me.

    Love that first photo.. wow beautiful! Love your hair!
    Please check out my giveaway: $25 gift certifate to ClubCouture.cc! Thanks!
    - Josie :: http://8bitgrayscale.blogspot.com

  7. Wow you're so lucky to get all of those. I wish we had H&M store here in Aussie, but you make me thinking to go hunting at Ebay. Maybe I would be lucky enough to get them.


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  9. Wonderful jewelry ! Love it! Thanks for the comment on my blog. Love your blog and the entries <3 Following through bloglovin!!


  10. love your choice! very cute bracelet and necklace!!!

    welcome to my blog: http://blvdderoxy.blogspot.com/

  11. OMG love that nail polish/bracelet combination! :3 x

  12. oooh love these picks! i wish i lived near an h&m. :( Following you now, hope you'll come check out my blog as well!



  13. woww! i heart your choices of Marni!

  14. you match everything with the accessories really well!
    the whole look is very fresh and young.


    Follow me on:
    Miss Kwong - Art and Fashion

  15. i got the sequin necklace and shirt, since i thought that those coat with thick material wouldn't made any sense for me in this very hot season. check my post here ♥


  16. you're so lucky you got the accessories. they sold out so quick i couldn't manage to get one.

  17. no chance of getting it in india. the bracelet looks lovely


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