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April 04, 2012

Reveal: IdeaPad U300s Ultrabook


This post is dedicated to my Lenovo IdeaPad U300s Ultrabook with a slim design and ultra-responsive performance I was gifted for being part of their Social Influencer Programme. The IdeaPad U300s is a luxury laptop for someone DO-attitude, a definite go-getter, and one that exudes personal style. It came with this breathable keyboard with an Advanced Cooling Technology to improve airflow so PC can run cooler on your lap. The fact that it is only 0.6” thin, that's even thinner than my Blackberry, makes it so easy to carry, even to put inside my Balenciaga City bag. Amazing, isn't it?


The keyboard is very similar to MacBook, with fairly-sized keys that are generously spaced apart. The keys are soft, responsive and laid out very neatly for comfortable typing. Watch the product tour video below, featuring a co-founder of a Fashion PR Agency.

The bonus point is that it boots in as little as 10.5 seconds. Besides, the touch pad is responsive and comfortable to use; the sensitivity is just right. I remember my old PC loads so slowly compared to my MacBook, but this Lenovo is very impressive. The battery lasts for about 8 hours, definitely enough for replying emails, browsing, blogging on-the-go, and light sourcing for school researches. I guess, technology has really developed since. I sort of fall in love again with PC.


My overall impression is that I'm very happy with it. I'm obsessed with it's luxe, minimalist book-shaped design and battery life, and I would surely recommend this product to friends, acquaintances, and anyone needing a full-performance laptop but is very light to carry around. It is so light I can promise you that it's even lighter than your daily bag.

Thanks again to the Lenovo team, and my dear girl Niki Torres. Photographed by Stephanie Samudra.

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