poisepolish.: Speedy 25 bandoulière in monogram empreinte

August 09, 2012

Speedy 25 bandoulière in monogram empreinte


The Speedy 25 Bandoulière, the smallest version of the Speedy with its recently added shoulder strap, is now available in Monogram Empreinte! I still remember when my mum passed down her LV to me when I was maybe 13 years old, which is a very long time ago. I think it happened to be a Speedy 25, which was my first designer bag. I personally like 25 the most up until now, although I kind of abandoned all of my bags with logos on them.

While retaining its iconic shape, the Speedy 25 Bandoulière has acquired new details that are typically Monogram Empreinte, notably outsize zipper pulls and bold brass rivets. I would so much recommend this bag for my teenage readers, P.S. give up the Prada Saffiano, already, and get this instead. It's so much more lively, young, and yet luxurious.


To the four existing colours of Monogram Empreinte – Infini, a deep midnight blue; Orient, a burnt orange; Aube, a dark violet; Aurore, a rich raspberry – the Speedy 25 Bandoulière adds a fifth: Terre, a warm chocolate brown. Check out the monogram empreinte collection on their official website here.

Images courtesy of Louis Vuitton and Boy Meets Fashion.


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