poisepolish.: Céline 'Edge' from Spring 2013

November 26, 2012

Céline 'Edge' from Spring 2013


I love like the tough-luxe feel, I love the clean lines of it, but it doesn't seem very functional, maybe hard to open and close without putting it down on a table. What do you think? Is it unique enough to replace the Mini Luggage?


Kourtney Kardashian was photographed carrying it for a few times up until now, and here's a clear shot of the bag I'd like to share. For lunch with Khloe in Miami, she keeps it cool in a Max Fowles dress and Christian Louboutin python pumps. I think the bag looks huge on her. I'm still not sure if it comes in a smaller size.


According to tPF, the prices for the Edge are as follows:
Ponyhair and calfskin is 2,400 Euro
Python and calfskin is 2,800 Euro
Textured calfskin is 1,800 Euro

If you buy in Paris you will receive 12% back in VAT.

Images from various sources.


  1. Guess I'd prefer the one Kourtney wore (simple brown colored) even though it looked HUGE on her, so overwhelming.
    The smaller one will fit you perfectly <3


  2. I think that they're gorgeous, but the mini luggage bags are my favorite style so far.



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