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December 08, 2012

Givenchy Resort 2013 handbags


The Givenchy craze does not stop at Rottweilers. Their latest addition includes these paisley printed pieces that are extremely gorgeous on their own. Red, blue, and gold paisley prints from the Givenchy archives are covered with black-and-white squares have been transformed into four beautiful iconic bags. From mini Pandora (USD 1,575), medium Pandora (USD 2,340), Antigona tote (USD 980) and the Antigona clutch (USD 360), it's not wrong to think that you need to collect all four. Because I do too. Anyway, they also come in a t-shirt form that retails for a whooping USD 580.


  1. Really these bags are looking very nice and comfortable also. We would surely like to purchase one bag from it.
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  2. Leading a company is never easy and these handbag companies are working really hard to make things work. Givenchy, is one of those companies and one of my favs too. The designs you've added here are clearly amazing and with great details.

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