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February 26, 2013

Best Dressed: Oscars 2013

 photo charlize-theron-oscars-2013_zps2e7d80a1.jpg

Charlize Theron was beyond stunning in this Christian Dior Couture structural gown, Harry Winston jewelry pixie hair and perfect makeup. Hands down, my favourite red carpet look of the night. When I saw this, I suddenly wondered whether it's a little too similar with Anne Hathaway's Golden Globe Chanel dress.

 photo jennifer-lawrence-best-dressed-oscars_zps5aad361e.jpg  photo jennifer-lawrence-oscars-fall-2013_zpsec9154ed.jpg

Also in a white hue was Jennifer Lawrence whose picture was all over the news as she trips over her Christian Dior Couture gown when she was about to accept the Best Actress Oscar. "You're just standing up because I fell over. This is so embarrassing. But thank you" that's what she addresses her standing ovation was as she accepts the Oscar.

 photo Oscars-2013--Kristen-Stewart-Accessories-Her-Reem-Acra-Dress-With-Crutches__zps95778040.jpg

And then when I saw Kristen Stewart hobble along the red carpet at the Oscars last night, I wonder what had she done this time. Turns out she had a 'severely cut foot on glass situation' but that doesn't stop her from topping the best dressed list in a gorgeous nude Reem Acra gown with a tulle mermaid tail finish.

 photo best-despite-arriving-with-crutches-kristen-stewart-looked-beautiful-in-a-white-reem-acra-gownjpg_zps6dc1b450.png

Anyway here is a clearer shot of the Dior Couture gown on Charlize. Raf must be so proud.

 photo charlize-theron-in-christian-dior_zps32b68c74.jpg

 photo 860942_549831788381039_1447637915_o_zpsd61515bc.jpg

Amy Adams was in a light blue Oscar de la Renta dress. I think she was the best person that can pull off princess-y gowns so gracefully. Maybe I think that way because she once played real-life Disney Princess Giselle in Enchanted and every now and then I still got carried away.

 photo best-though-she-lost-for-best-supporting-actress-the-master-star-amy-adams-looked-like-a-winner-in-this-grey-tulle-oscar-de-_zps02e5ed25.jpg

Anne Hathaway briefly became the talk of Twitter for her Academy Awards dress that had a little nipple wardrobe malfanction. I don't think it's fair because she looked beautiful in a rather brave choice I would say.

 photo 347778-oscars-2013-worst-dressed-celebrities-on-red-carpet_zps6c51503b.jpg

Sources said that she decided to wear this Prada light pink duchesse satin backless gown just three hours prior to the red carpet event. Totally obsessing over the cross-over straps and bow at the back and that sparkling necklace that drapes down her back.

 photo best-les-mis-winner-anne-hathaway-dissed-valentino-and-opted-for-this-ballerina-like-light-pink-prada-dressjpg_zpsef62a959.png

Finally, let's move from pale hues to some daring colors! My favorite were Olivia Munn and Fan Bing Bing. Both in Marchesa, both picked the most memorable signature dramatic dresses for the night.

 photo 6a00d8341c5e0053ef017ee8b67d98970d-800wi_zpsd96fdd5f.jpg

 photo worst-the-embroidery-on-olivia-munns-marchesa-dress-was-beautiful-but-the-back-draping-hit-in-an-awkward-spotjpg_zpsf56f4fa9.png

 photo Fan-Bingbing_zps034cc46e.jpg

The worst dressed goes to Zoe Saldana, with her wrong accessories and horrible Roger Vivier shoes while Alexis Mabille Couture dress was too distracting with a fluffy neckline. Enough said.

 photo worst-we-wish-zoe-saldanas-alexis-mabille-couture-dress-had-one-less-distractionjpg_zpsbcc221c0.png

Images from various sources.


  1. Love Charlize Theron! She
    looks beautiful with her
    pixie haircut c;


  2. Love Jennifer Lawrence and her dress. Doesn't matter she fell over, she's still beautiful and amazing young actress. :)

  3. Awww I saw Jennifer Lawrence fall over last night too! She looked stunning, and that's all that matters :)

    LOVE this post!


  4. OMG I have to agree that Zoe looks horrible seriously! and I guess Anne just did a right thing with that "nipples" since probably the dress is too simple! it has a twitter account now! LOL


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