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March 05, 2013

PFW: Givenchy Fall '13

Long gone are the Rottweiler prints, Fall '13 is graced by sweeter Disney Bambi-printed sweatshirts. Tisci is back with his signature touch of tough-soft urban edge, street chic, restrained elegance. Compared to last year's Fall '12 Western saloon girls themed show, this is obviously stronger and more refined.

 photo Givenchy-Fall-RTW-20131_zps83e44a32.jpg

The details include sheer skirts, trimmed with embellishments, veiling an image of massed rosebuds beneath, sweatshirts, cinched at the waist over a tube skirt, biker jackets, and duffle coats, outerwear showcased toggle-front detailing and wide waist-cinching belts.

 photo Givenchy-Fall-RTW-201311_zps9c21dbcf.jpg

 photo Givenchy-Fall-RTW-20133_zpsee7a3c6d.jpg

 photo Givenchy-Fall-RTW-201325_zps80b8fbf0.jpg

 photo Givenchy-Fall-RTW-201330_zpse492c229.jpg

 photo Givenchy-Fall-RTW-201326_zps5c694b7e.jpg

 photo Givenchy-Fall-RTW-201321_zps17abbe8b.jpg

 photo Givenchy-Fall-RTW-201328_zpsa2bcbd72.jpg

 photo Givenchy-Fall-RTW-201332_zps8dfa1752.jpg

 photo Givenchy-Fall-RTW-201314_zpsa2552743.jpg

I have no doubt Givenchy fans Rihanna, Cassie, Lala Anthony, and Kim Kardashian will be rocking more than one piece in the upcoming months.

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  1. This collection rocks! Gotta love Bambi! Xx. Pip


  2. nice collection!!



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