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July 27, 2013

Gap Styld.by: Geometric electric

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Mixing patterns is not an easy job, but this time I paired this black and white boyfriend striped tshirt with a monochrome bandage skirt. To top off the look, I wear a mini bag and a pair of pumps with a splash of color.

View more on Gap Styld.by website here.


  1. another lovely look
    great update !


    I really love your blog.


  2. Nice Bag, where I can buy that one?

  3. You're always so stylish! I love your blog!

  4. love how you're mixing all these patterns! and gorgeous as always

  5. The custom from the white A-line Waist Silk-like Long Ruched Sleeveless Evening Dress was really begun by Queen Victoria when she married her cousin Albert in 1840. Given that ladies from the working day needed to become just like the queen, they made the decision they desired to obtain married in white also.


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