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October 09, 2013

Garuda Goes To School: ITS Campus

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The three days roadshow has come to an end! Here are some photos of my part at Garuda Indonesia Goes To School. I had a chance to share and perhaps teach university students about the social media, the importance and significance of blogging and how I can establish a clothing line business after blogging for 3 years.

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Thanks for all of the great support for the event, it was overwhelming to be able to speak in front of more than a hundred attendees. I also want to thank every single one of you who showed up and listened to what I share and actually pay attention and asked questions.

If you happen to be there, at one of the roadshows, and didn't get a chance to ask me questions personally, you can still email me and I will try my best to respond to you.

More photos from the first and second day will follow! Stay tuned.

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Here's a shot of me posting photos and tweeting and getting busy on my phone, as always. I was wearing a sheer shirt from my clothing line, Poise24. You can click here to buy online.

Photographed by Stephanie Samudra.


  1. I think it's so cool that you got to share all that information on social media

  2. thanks for coming to my campus, Kak! :)



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