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March 14, 2014

PFW: Chanel Supermarket Fall 2014

 photo Chanel-Supermarket-Sweep_zpsd0c8d23a.jpg

Have you ever imagined the whole world as a Chanel megastore, with Rihanna, Cara and Joan Smalls running around in shopping carts? This is even better than Disneyland, at least to me. It is so grand and unexpected and totally unforgettable. And without Marc Jacobs at Louis Vuitton and his extravagant show sets, I think it will be so difficult and it will really take a while to top this.

 photo Chanel-supermarket-2-Vogue-4Mar14-PA_b_zpsf894a9e8.jpg

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The shelves of this extraordinarily detailed set were stacked with more than a hundred thousand items, brazenly advertised at 20 or 50 percent more. However you shouldn't worry, they said all packaged foods have been or will be donated to charities and the remaining empty boxes will be used for the fall campaign and store windows. But I thought guests can grab everything they can after the show, did they? All I know is that the meticulous work that went into this supermarket blew me away.

 photo la-modella-mafia-Chanel-Fall-2014-runway-111_zpse19ec43b.jpg

 photo la-modella-mafia-Chanel-Fall-2014-runway-2_zps32611fbd.jpg

 photo la-modella-mafia-Chanel-Fall-2014-runway-5_zps6cf3bd76.jpg

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The clothes and accessories feel very modern and quirky, I mean, Chanel sweatpants and sneakers? What happened to Karl seeing sweatpants as a sign of defeat? I wonder how Coco Chanel would actually feel about this. But at least it was fun and edgy and fresh to the eyes.

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  1. That is incredibly detailed, strange set, but I really do like it <3

    The Quirky Queer

  2. Yeah, the show was vividly awesome and amazing, I agree :)

    The Mad Shopper's Dressing Room

  3. lovee lovee loveee


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