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November 29, 2015

Burberry Claridge's Christmas Tree 2015

 photo Lily James at the Burberry_Claridges Christmas Tree 2015 Event_zpstiidu02s.jpg

 photo Burberry_Claridges Christmas Tree 2015 Event_002_zpsibxvr742.jpg

 photo Burberry_Claridges Christmas Tree 2015 Event_001_zpsmsphpbrz.jpg

The Claridge’s Christmas Tree has long symbolised the start of the festive season in the capital, drawing visitors and Londoners alike to admire its magnificent design. This marks the first time Claridge’s has had a British designed Christmas Tree. This year’s Claridge’s Christmas Tree is an innovative and modern contrast to the art deco design of the hotel, exploring the concept of light interaction to celebrate the season in the hotel’s iconic lobby.

 photo Ellie Bamber at the Burberry_Claridges Christmas Tree 2015 Event_zpsjgupxqt2.jpg

Drawing inspiration from Burberry’s longstanding heritage of providing protection against the elements, and the brand’s history in pushing digital boundaries through its physical experiences, the motion responsive Christmas Tree features almost 100 umbrellas, each finished in bespoke gold and silver metallic fabric. The tree’s 77,000 individual lights will be triggered as guests walk by the tree, sending thousands of twinkling beams into the hotel’s lobby each time someone interacts with it.

 photo Burberry_Claridges Christmas Tree 2015 Event_003_zpsevmyngym.jpg

Over 300 guests attended the event in the hotel lobby and staircase surrounding the tree, including Christopher Bailey, Lily James, Matt Smith, Alice Eve, Tracey Emin, Sam Rollinson, Charlotte Wiggins and Raya Aribached.

Images courtesy of Burberry.

October 24, 2015

Poise24 3rd anniversary show

 photo 1_zpszksrswra.jpg

I can't believe we are three years old now! Last week (although two months late from our actual birthday which was in July), we collaborated with MC Models Management and Rui Lounge & Bar for a night of fashion and glamour. The show was divided into two sequences, which showcased our newly launched premium batik collection, and part one of our upcoming holiday collection.

 photo IMG_0098_zpsbtw6tqru.jpg

 photo IMG_0082_zpsywthk6pj.jpg

 photo IMG_0073_zpsteykl4xt.jpg

 photo IMG_0321_zpsxzhbia24.jpg

 photo IMG_0047_zpswqhugswa.jpg

 photo run1b_zpszlwd39jm.jpg

The collection is available in store starting next week. We are taking pre-orders and custom orders so you can have a look at these photos and start planning your wishlist for the holiday season!

 photo IMG_0002_zpsupzjcof9.jpg

 photo IMG_0008_zpsv3pqivzm.jpg

 photo IMG_0042_zpsa05qnvlh.jpg

 photo run2_zpspq2d3ooh.jpg

 photo IMG_0034_zpsywyspg9d.jpg

 photo run5back_zpspaxlquah.jpg

 photo run3back_zps4ja8tq0u.jpg

 photo IMG_0266_zpsppa0bwsf.jpg

 photo IMG_0224_zpsaavw9snf.jpg

 photo IMG_0172_zpsivua3zop.jpg

 photo run12a_zpsphmofl9v.jpg

 photo run9a_zps2obyhvdr.jpg

 photo run7_zpsxulw3e8t.jpg

 photo run7a_zps3ijwzznl.jpg

 photo IMG_0147_zpsiomzmj1p.jpg

Many thanks to our sponsors, Eddy Rizaldy makeup, Cîroc Vodka and MC Models Management. Table decor and goodie bags prepared by Precious Moment Decorations Surabaya. Photography by Ardy Kwandy (@ardykwandy on Instagram), Yonatan Setiawan and Stevanus Widjaja.

Visit their photography website eXalt Photography and Portfolio Photography.

October 01, 2015

Photoshoot for L'oreal Paris V-Look

 photo yOn5sRIfy96M-GZsRkV7vURdyx3Cc8S_9ZbloArQMsU_zpswxeyjoku.jpg

L'Oréal Professionnel globally launched their newest hair styling, cutting, and coloring techniques that were inspired by Korean celebrities who tend to have a slim face shape or known as the V-Shape. I was one of the 6 Instagram influencers for L'Oréal Professionnel Indonesia. My hair is transformed into reddish brown color with a V-Look coloring and cutting technique by Stephanie Martina at Glam Hair Culture Salon Surabaya.

 photo tQP1d1T9BPr6lc1P-YsODyc2h-063WsHRxeea1J-7W0_zpst2shmalh.jpg

 photo Shr0ycslkHJYcP7VKlvncaWu_ED51GOsZbPcs2C9oW0_zpsd8aclmwx.jpg

 photo qzTIpKhBwL5Pbj9WujtaBR6iQuXwLC-tzytgNVUn8fE_zpsdhoze89j.jpg

 photo sAEB3fP5-ITPENWyX6tuQrqaqy1tW7JO0SWCjUldmBk_zps6zxzdzn3.jpg

 photo GUUP1IEtDEx8jq_Ljl6w3ZuLxdSSlwerDst_KvxAOxE_zpshrwstdu6.jpg

 photo heDlaFuUP5OGiTGSGbeUfdy7xqs2QlCey_zTg7kaiSM_zpsryzfjscp.jpg

 photo 91fz-mQxcFhfl7FzwlAo4A4wkTuOy7RetQT7nBsVStE_zps1ttc0a5d.jpg

 photo 57bon3qvq1A3Xf1oBTtWbQ8-k0HDgiHGrjquNPHiACw_zpsy27vo8lu.jpg

 photo 31CXK6gpJzuMv2ThW48XSk6lEvLTwF5Cog1EBleJKis_zpsluvztav8.jpg

 photo NtIVwETbujLJjN94UZ5w6amzgk70b-13WZFxsH7nCV4_zpsfphxhxpg.jpg

 photo SGuve9Hu7fBndBdZYSzh3JfF6wHqYUoRFIPCj5F8eXM_zpso3ots4us.jpg

 photo tTf6TC2B48pJT6AByepgObwEBoT6Noy9yWdjn934A7M_zps3jgq9vyh.jpg

 photo RruwuUzrdQYwXxsdiPqRCEHYa3hywV2kqVaCpvmt-rc_zpsciaggj1s.jpg

Photographed by Carol Kuntjoro of Pyara Photo @pyaraphoto on Instagram.

September 30, 2015

Coach Tunjungan Plaza opening

 photo XT1R0189resize_zpsvdlugmmg.jpg

Coach is excited to unveil the company’s next generation retail concept at the Tunjungan Plaza store in Surabaya, Indonesia. I was one of the hosts for the store opening event together with Surabaya based, Christina Brennan and Ivo Ananda. The girls at Coach Jakarta managed to get me the new "Swagger" tote in black. As you can see from the photo, I'm carrying it in small size and Christina is carrying the medium. The bag is very downtown-chic. They introduced it in so many colors and variations and sizes so it's easy to get what you want according to your needs. Plus, you can pair it with almost everything. I chose a more dressy look for the occasion, wearing a fuchsia taffeta dress from my label, Poise24.

The new store design was developed by Coach Executive Creative Director Stuart Vevers, in partnership with world renowned creative firm Studio Sofield. Drawing from a wide range of influences, the concept places a premium on contrasting textures and luxe materials.

 photo XT1R0010resize_zpszt7fear8.jpg

The 152 square meter retail space is warm and inviting, reflecting the sophisticated yet playful refinement of New York – the city the brand has always called home. Throughout the space is a mix of custom-designed cabinetry fabricated from natural and ebonized ash, blackened steel, antique bronze and mahogany trim. The store interiors consist of iron spot brick pavers, reclaimed heart-pine wood flooring with custom hand-tufted wool carpeting and statement mid-century furniture punctuating the elegant lines and muted colors.

Photo courtesy of Coach.

June 21, 2015

Poise24 latest lookbook shot at My-home studio

These were actually published on the website early March 2015, but I haven't had the time to post the complete lookbook here on the blog.

 photo VDS_3725_zpsxa7jltit.jpg

 photo VDS_3749_zpslvtxwc3h.jpg

 photo VDS_3739_zps3qietott.jpg

 photo VDS_3708_zpswdw7iohb.jpg

This series was shot at the new My-home studio (check out their Facebook page for updates and ongoing promotions). The collection features colourful pieces, lots of dresses with an ultra-feminine silhouette.

 photo VDS_3715w_zps9wqc75gt.jpg

 photo VDS_3698_zps1dmdktjs.jpg

 photo VDS_3688_zpshroavjsk.jpg

 photo VDS_3740_zpsfqjvo2j8.jpg

 photo VDS_3728_zpsdlkd5ay6.jpg

Shop the collection online (click here) or email info@poise24.com for inquiries.

Thanks to:
Photographer: Deasy Sudiro of VDS Photography
Hair and makeup: Lilie Budimulia (contact line : lilie_budimulia for bookings)
Location: My-home studio, Surabaya
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