poisepolish.: SK-II: You don't have to be married by 25 featuring China Leftover women

April 10, 2016

SK-II: You don't have to be married by 25 featuring China Leftover women

How many women do you know that are above the age of 25 and not married? We might not think twice about it, but these women are labelled “Sheng Nu” in many parts of China. The literal translation of the term is “leftover woman”, denouncing women who are not yet married at this age, and associating them with being undesirable and desperate. In Singapore, we see that the marrying age is slightly above Indonesia. I have experienced living in both countries.

The fact that I have both families living in Singapore and Indonesia makes the new SK-II campaign represent my culture. In the third generation of my family, the girls married by 28, which is not as bad as what happens in China. But still, this campaign is really impactful to me and I guess.. some Independent women from other Asian culture out there. Watch it below.

As part of SK-II’s ongoing global #changedestiny campaign, SK-II captured the leftover women speaking up against this negative societal stigma and the pressure that comes with it. The video has gained immense traction, making the “leftover woman” an inspiration to all and a reminder to society of the power of a woman’s right to choose her path and take control of her own destiny.

Video courtesy of SK-II.


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