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May 09, 2016

An absolutely candid review of the new Samsung Galaxy S7 smartphone

The first smartphone I used after was the old Samsung Galaxy S3 back in 2012. I also had the Samsung Galaxy S5 after that because I was just too familiar with Samsung to switch to another brand. I was totally impressed with the new Samsung Galaxy S7 released. It is way sleeker than its previous ancestors and it has many improvements on camera both front and back.

 photo L1000795edit_zpsvw1e79za.jpg

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 features a 2,560x1,440 OLED display which delivers strong color reproduction. The processor is upgraded from CPU: Up to 30% faster, GPU: Up to 64% faster, and 4GB ram. And it is one of the fastest phone you can buy today. It's also super sexy. It has the slickest exterior a Samsung phone has ever had, making it a very elegant piece to hold. This is probably the only phone you wouldn't want to put a phone case on because it's so stylish on its own.

 photo L1000735aedit_zpstr51kwhx.jpg

 photo L1000743edit_zpsmov3it6i.jpg

 photo L1000798edit_zpszulosciu.jpg

The new Samsung Galaxy S7 has a dual pixel camera which we usually find in DSLR camera and a higher resolution a 12 megapixels. The ability for it to do a superfast autofocus is one of a kind and on top of that, it features lots of shooting modes, from camera to video. It's probably the best thing for this Instagram era. These photos are taken at 7.45pm in Orchard Road, it's almost gone really dark. I have to say that the low light camera function is absolutely remarkable.

 photo 20160331_190922-0_resized_1_zpsbkvaix0j.jpg

 photo 20160331_191008-0_resized_1_zps4tw4onx1.jpg

Anyway, I used the phone from 10am and at 10pm I still have 20% battery life. A single charge at night will be enough to last for a day with a regular use for surfing the internet and social media like Facebook and Twitter, even to play games. Overall, this is a fantastic phone and it’s definitely what I need at the moment.

May 08, 2016

The best Rihanna (Fenty) fashion collaborations so far

Rihanna, born Robyn Rihanna Fenty is unstoppable. When she's not making music, she's probably designing shoes. And after all they're not just shoes. She launched a collection of socks, and an entire collection of Puma.

1. Rihanna for Manolo Blahnik 

 photo rihanna-by-craig-mcdean-for-vogue-uk-april-2016-5-620x803_zpsqlkt5ybv.jpg

Rihanna lands the cover of Vogue UK April 2016, wearing a white cowboy hat and matching jacket photographed by Craig McDean. Inside the issue, she models her new collection collaboration with shoe designer Manolo Blahnik - a pair of thigh-high crystal-embellished boots among others.

 photo Rihanna-x-Manolo-Blahnik-Limited-Edition-_zpsmh5agivn.jpg

On her interview, Rihanna talked about how she’ll react once the shoes are released: "The day I see a woman in the street wearing my shoes... I am sorry for that woman because I'm going to literally run after her, shouting, 'Stop! Selfie! Who are you? Where did you get them?' I'm going to have a moment!"

2. FENTY Puma (The Fur slides)

If these weren't by Rihanna, you won't probably even take a second look at em. Launched in April and sold out completely, I think the guys at Puma are pretty much genius(es). I tried to call a Puma boutique in Singapore one day before the launched, and they are already sold out. They couldn't put me on waiting list. It's borderline tacky and fashionable. But I just wanted to get them to wear around the house and look cute.. what do you guys think?

 photo trybuyshop_zps3ngauxgn.jpg

Psst.. did you know that everyone from Kylie Jenner, 18, to Zendaya, 19, has showed love for these.

3. Fenty for Stance socks

 photo landscape-1461163533-rihannastance-lead_zpscukptmon.jpg

 photo 1461168470-stancesocks2_zpsgr0vw2se.jpg

 photo gallery-1461168296-stancesocks1_zpsw4dqt8sf.jpg

Apparently, it doesn't end at fur slides. Her most recent collaboration is with Stance socks and she's showing you how socks can be the sexiest thing in your entire wardrobe. You can own a pair of these dreamy socks, which are a part of her summer line and available now on Stance.com. This range is girly, but still has a sporty vibe which is just the kind of thing you were going for, right?

Images from various sources.

May 03, 2016

Why I got invisalign

 photo L1001007resize_zpsb5aq0b5j.jpg

Overcrowding has been a very undesirable condition for my teeth aesthetically. Even though it is not noticeable on top teeth, it appears on the lower arch. The condition was not so bad; it is called Class I type 1 malocclusion according to Angle's classification in dental term. I was informed by Doctor Immilia at Gigi Sehat Dental clinic that such dental condition could be treated to achieve ideal occlusion in under two years of Invisalign.

 photo L1001006resize_zpsiiyjtav6.jpg

Just after reading about Invisalign, I feel very relieved knowing that it could be the right treatment for me. After making my first visit to Gigi Sehat Dental, which was one of the Invisalign elite providers in Surabaya, I will soon receive my first four sets of aligners in 1.5 months! This treatment allows me to be more discipline in controlling my dental condition to dentist.

What excites me even more is that I know it will be sooner for me to have my desired smile which, of course will make me happy! I feel that Invisalign could give me a more comfortable, confident, and remarkable smile. Besides, I love that it is flexible and can show direct result to my smile, and that I don’t have to predict how the smile looks like (because these aligners are clear) compared to metal braces I wore over my high school in the past.

 photo L1001009resize_zpsefs3dney.jpg

If you are also interested in wearing Invisalign, probably there are several things you need to know beforehand. I have received explanations from the dentist on the Invisalign system. Oral hygiene is a lot easier to upkeep because Invisalign clear aligners are removable, letting us easily brush and floss our teeth regularly, which is very convenient when we have an active lifestyle. Although it is very user-friendly, we must not forget to be very strict about wearing them for 20-22 hours everyday and change trays at home every two weeks.

Some of my friends also have asked me about what process I have to undergo before finally receiving my first Invisalign set. The aligners are custom-made, so it has to be adjusted to the patients’ dental condition. Initially, dentists will take photos, X-rays, as well as digital scans or dental impression in order to help creating our treatment plan. I will reveal about them more on my next post.

 photo L1001026resize_zpst4zqmxkw.jpg

Now that I am so excited to receive my first kit – can't wait to tell you more about my first month of wearing Invisalign. Just to remind you again, if you have any questions regarding Invisalign, feel free to email me and I will forward them to my dentist.

May 02, 2016

Best dressed at White House correspondent dinner 2016

Though many refers to it as Nerd Prom, this year's best dressed list is totally the opposite of nerd. I mean, look at how amazing EmRata looks in her Monique Lhuillier emerald long sleeve mermaid dress. Absolute perfection.

 photo 102nd-white-house-correspondents-association-dinner-arrivals-1_zps4cskr8qj.jpg

 photo emily-ratajkowski-at-white-house-correspondents-dinner-in-washington-04-30-2016_2_zpsxcaieoyf.jpg

It was Kendall Jenner's first time encounter with President Obama. And whilst giving his speech, he decided to roast the twenty-year-old supermodel, telling the crowd: “Kendall Jenner is also here and we had a chance to meet backstage. "She seems like a very nice young woman… I’m not exactly sure what she does. But I am told that my Twitter mentions are about to go through the roof.”

 photo 102nd-white-house-correspondents-association-dinner-arrivals_zpsjzchk6a2.jpg

 photo priyanka-chopra-at-white-house-correspondents-dinner-in-washington-02-620x930_zps44kozobx.jpg

 photo 00-karlie-kloss-derek-lam-whcd-2016_zpsaku5jee2.jpg

 photo white-house-correspondents-dinner-best-dressed-2016-gugu-mbatha-raw_zpspgwxrjzt.jpg

The rest are my favorite looks of the night.

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