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June 17, 2016

Getting used to the first set of Invisalign aligners

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Here comes the actual aligners! I went to the dentist the other day and she showed me my 32 out of 32 trays and I was a little surprised to see that much of aligners that I'm supposed to wear. I've always known that we're supposed to wear each tray for two weeks, so basically 32 trays means 32x2 = 64 weeks! Which was a little more than a year.

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However, based on my dentist, Dr Immilia’s recommendation, she arranged 1 tray for 1 week, so that means I will only need 32 weeks to fix my bottom teeth. She showed me how much difference I can achieve in 8 months. She marked each tray with different dates so I can see the exact schedule when I'm supposed to change trays every other week.

The key is to wear each tray for about 22-24 hours each day to achieve the best results. My idea of using the first tray is that I will be in such a great pain, that I have to prepare for it. I clear my day and I prepared painkillers. However, it's only surprisingly a very very mild pain. Way less than the pain of wearing the metal braces. That night I slept with my first aligners, and when I woke up in the morning I can feel that my teeth is a little sore. That is how I know that the actual aligners work.

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The next day I was pain-free. And then the week have past, and I changed to my second tray. My second tray was less painful than the first tray. I can see that wearing this doesn't affect my daily schedule at all and I'm so happy with the way it works.

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For those of you who have started the Invisalign programme, do share with me your experience. Feel free to connect with me via email silviasiantar2@outlook.com


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