poisepolish.: December 2016

December 14, 2016

What kind of smile do you want to have?

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When I came to my dentist appointment last week at Gigi Sehat Dental, I received so many compliments from dr Immilia. She just loved how my teeth looked like compared to my last appointment and she's so happy with the fact that everything is according to the plan. She explained using the computer simulation how we are now 'over' the difficult part. She explained what the pressure points were, and how the Invisalign treatment was progressing towards the desired alignment. I will explain about this more on my next post.

I was also asked: What kind of smile do you want to have? I can really decide if I'm happy with the current smile, or if I want to alter it. Actually it sounded quite funny to me, but after her explanation of how Invisalign treatment (or Invisalign aligners) can be used to lower your upper teeth or shape your jaw by how many millimetres, this really literally means that everyone can 'design' their own smile!

I don't have any problems with my current smile, so I just need to complete the treatment and we are now on the 22nd tray. There will only be slight movements and no other major changes after this tray. I think it is safe to say that Invisalign treatment didn’t hurt at all with my case. You can read my last post about how to keep you disciplined and I can't wait to reveal more about my final progress next month!

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